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By Ed Yong | February 25, 2008 8:45 pm

Greetings all,
Not Exactly Rocket Science has now officially transformed and rolled out into the ScienceBlogs network. So to readers who have tracked me here, new Not-Exactly-Rocket-Science virgins, my new SciBlings, and people who have mistakenly stumbled here during their search for porn – hello! The blog is about explaining new research in a way that anyone can understand, regardless of their scientific background. I generally post about 3 times a week and more if time permits.
Also, I’m giving a talk on science blogging this Thursday at London’s Apple Store on Regent Street, alongside Jennifer Rohn who runs LabLit and Mind the Gap, and Ben Goldacre, who writes the Guardian’s infamous Bad Science column and the associated blog. If any of you are in London and fancy rocking up, then please do.
Details as follows:

Thursday 28 February 2008
What is it like to work in a lab? What’s the latest science news? How can you tell good science from quackery? The answers to all these questions can be found in blogs, and in this event you’ll meet the people who are writing them.
There are literally tens of millions of blogs online. Some read like personal diaries, while others are built round news or analysis, like reading a column in a newspaper. With so many blogs out there, it’s no surprise that science is well-covered from lots of different angles. Ben Goldacre goes on the hunt for outrageous claims, dubious statistics and credulous science reporting in Bad Science, an extension of his popular column in the Guardian. Jennifer Rohn reveals the culture and everyday life of a jobbing scientist in her blog on Nature Network London, Mind the Gap. In Ed Yong’s blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science, he converts plodding, jargon-heavy journal papers into nimble, accessible and entertaining blog posts on the freshest new research.
Join us as our bloggers talk about why they write, what makes a good post, and what blogging can do for science. You’ll come out of it with three personal views of science and some good new reads, and best of all, the event is free!
Venue: The Apple Store, 235 Regent Street, London W1B 2ET
Admission is free and there is no need to book.
In association with Nature Network London

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Comments (15)

  1. chezjake

    Glad to find you here. On the basis of the island rat post, I’m likely to become a regular reader.
    I heard a phrase (used intentionally, I think) over the weekend that you might find useful at some point — the mixed metaphor “Well, it’s not exactly rocket surgery.”

  2. Welcome to The Family!

  3. Holydust

    Whee! Welcome, welcome.

  4. Yeah and welcome!! Glad to have you hear Ed. I’m glad to you sporting your “Inordinate Fondness for Invertebrates” Science Scout Badge! Looks good ;p

  5. chuckgoecke

    Welcome to a fellow rat-hater. Those frigging nasty roof rats ate two of my hanging basket hoya’s in my greenhouse! You have just been “added”.

  6. Yay more reading to do! (groan: more reading to do…)
    Lookin’ forward to it. I heard about your blog through A Blog Around the Clock, by the way.
    Chez Jake, that just throws a wonderfully Muppet-ish image into my brain. I can totally picture Gonzo performing ‘rocket surgery’.

  7. che

    Hi Ed,
    I used to enjoy reading your old blog … I am sure that I will enjoy this one too.

  8. Ed Yong

    Isn’t rocket surgery essentially engineering? Or is it surgery but *really* fast?
    Thanks for the welcome all. Good to be here. It looks comfy.

  9. izb

    Dunno if it was a glitch, but the RSS feed is ‘404 not found’.

  10. Ed Yong

    Feed’s working now – subscribe away.

  11. Hey Ed, I’m glad to see your blog will now get some of the exposure it so well deserves! I figured Science Blogs would make you an offer sooner or later — Who could ignore such great writing? I’ll update my links ASAP.

  12. Ed Yong

    Always good to get your custom, Mr Sunstone :-)

  13. Welcome, Ed! I’m so glad to see you’ve moved in.
    Love your writing :)


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