Calling all Londoners

By Ed Yong | April 9, 2008 4:56 am

A couple of social things: A couple of mates, Ruth Francis and Henry Scowcroft, have devised the best Facebook group ever – the Campaign to replace the voice on the Tube with David Attenborough’s voice (the Tube is London’s subway system for all you non-Brits). In their words:

So now Life in Cold Blood is over, and the great man has hung up his broadcasting boots for good, what better tribute than to replace the starchy, boring voice on the London Underground with the silky, enthusiastic utterances of Sir David Attenborough. Ever since we were tiny, Sir David’s trademark “THIS… is a ” has had us pricking up our ears for the fascinating facts to follow. Surely, a national institution such as he is deserves such immortalisation. People, pledge your support below. If you need convincing, take a moment and just imagine Sir David intoning the following… “THIS… is Bank. Change here for the Northern, District and Circle lines… and the Waterloo and City Line”.

It seems that there’s certainly a vacancy so go and sign up. And while you’re at it, have a look at the interview I did with Sir David early this year.

Meanwhile, if any of you are free tonight, a bunch of science bloggers are meeting up for a drink in London, near the Natural History Museum. We’ll be at the Queen’s Arms from about 6.30. If we haven’t met, I’m the one in the photo on the top left (not the stuffed monkey, the other one).

Your regularly scheduled blogging will return tomorrow. I’ve been slightly derailed by the desperate need for sleep, triggered by having to do 15 back-to-back live radio interviews from 7-9 yesterday morning.


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