In which I succumb to peer pressure and join Twitter

By Ed Yong | February 2, 2009 8:30 am

Against by better judgment, I’ve started using Twitter. It may be fun. Alternatively, it may be a massive event horizon that swallows my time. Probably both.

If anyone wants to follow me:

Some initial thoughts:

  • Twitter, unlike Facebook, MySpace et al, doesn’t use the word “friend” in the much looser internet sense of the word. That can only be a good thing.
  • Instead, of “friends”, Twitter allows you to amass “followers”. Don’t think I haven’t succumbed to noticed your feeble play to stroke my ego, Twitter.
  • It’s really, really moreish. Like crack. Not that I take crack. I don’t. Is this thing on? 
  • It’s a bit more conversational than Facebook, or even email.
  • “Tweeting” sounds really effete. Why couldn’t they have called it Roarer, or Shouter, or perhaps Belcher?
  • I’m greatly appreciating the chance to read the innermost thoughts of Neil Gaiman, Charlie Brooker, Stephen Fry and Warren Ellis. Especially Ellis – it’s like watching a deranged drunk genius from behind a one-way mirror.
  • If I continue to use Twitter consistently enough, I wonder if I will start limiting every single last one of my thoughts to just 140 char…

Update: If anyone saw this post in the first 9 minutes it was up for, you might have realised that I got the URL wrong. If you decided to follow the other Ed Yong, I’m sure he’s very happy about it…


Comments (6)

  1. Sarah

    Having followed your fabulous blog for sometime now, I thought I would also follow you on twitter. Just peck me if you want me to go away. I’ve also been tweeting the verbally talented Mr Fry for sometime too ;¬)

  2. Dropping in to say that I enjoy your blog. I particularly liked your opinion on the rightful place of science. I hope Tweeter is enthralling without being consuming.

  3. Cheers both. All are welcome. To me, followers! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Jon D

    I’ve got a twitter account somewhere.. Like you said, I got tired of limiting my thoughts to 140 chars so stopped using it before all sorts of interesting people joined up. Will have to try remember my login details when I get home.
    I think the last person I added was Darth Vader :)

  5. Chris

    Sorry for the double-post; that was a premature send.
    I also wanted to link and
    Those two apps have improved my twitter experience quite a bit. Especially tweetdeck.


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