Not Exactly Patrick Jordan

By Ed Yong | November 23, 2009 3:09 pm

Many thanks to the kind folks at PCMag for including me on their list of Top 50 blogs of 2009. However, they appear to have made a teensy little typo, where they’ve misspelled my name as “Patrick Jordan”. Easy enough a mistake, I guess – at least the letters D, O and N are shared…


Comments (12)

  1. Oh, that’s a bit more than just a teensie typo. So sorry, Ed. We’re fixing it. Meanwhile, enjoy the irony!

  2. Ed, should we also say something about them getting the name of your blog wrong too?
    Or do you just want to let that go?

  3. Ed Yong

    David – I think it’s pretty funny and I’ve asked Carol to change the name too.
    And thanks Carol, for being a good sport. I’m definitely amused rather than cross.

  4. Congratulations for making the list, Ed! It is well deserved.

  5. Who is Patrick Jordan anyway?

  6. OftenWrongTed

    Congratulations Ed Yong! Patrick Jordan will always be in your debt.

  7. So, who is Patric Jordan, really? Never heard the name before….and why is that bloke riding on the coattails of your fame?

  8. Ed Yong

    Actually if you click the PCMag link, all is revealed. Patrick Jordan writes an iPhone blog.
    Bora was so outraged that he’s taken away Patrick’s k. šŸ˜‰

  9. This was amusing. I wonder if Patrick’s blog is very good?

  10. Promptly fixed though.

  11. Daniel J. Andrews

    Well done, Ed. Congratulations, and kudos to Carol and gang for quickly fixing their mistakes.

  12. Daniel J. Andrews

    P.S. The banner reads,

    …cool blog for those interested in science, who aren’t quite scientists themselves.

    I’d say it’s a cool blog period: For scientists and non-scientists. (hm, does that full-colon invalidate the “period”….maybe “cool blog full-colon”….doesn’t quite sound right, does it? …. :-)


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