Vote for your story of the year – animal behaviour

By Ed Yong | December 4, 2009 9:30 am

We’re less than a month away from the end of the year (the decade, even). In past years, I’ve done a review of the year, where I select my favourite posts. But those were more innocent and less productive times. This year, I have written 245 posts and counting and it’s now easy to narrow these down to a manageable number.

So I thought I could get you to do it, and we could have some in the process

Throughout December, I will be getting you lovely readers to vote for the top stories covered on this blog over the last year. I’ve selected the ones that have interested me the most and divided them into 8 groups, each focusing on a different field of science. Today: animal behaviour (well, sort of – one of them arguably involves no actual behaviour)

Top two posts in each category make it to the final selection. Throughout the process, you can suggest stories that you think I may have missed in the comments. Between Christmas and New Year, I’ll put up a final poll including some of these suggestions and some cool stragglers published in December, leading up to the final list on the 31st.

So for today, here’s your selection. Click on the links to refresh your memories and then vote in the box below.

What’s your favourite zoology/animal behaviour story of the year?(survey)

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Comments (7)

  1. That last link leads to a story about dinosaurs, not fish, just a heads up!

  2. Ed Yong

    Fixed! Thank you.

  3. Kaari

    But what about fruit bat fellatio?! Didn’t it make the cut?

  4. Ed Yong

    I really can’t believe I missed out fruit bat fellatio. It can go in the final poll.

  5. Fruit bat fellatio? How the hell did I miss that?

  6. The Fruit Bats

    Fruit bat fellatio? How the hell did I miss that?
    Oh, um, well, Michael, I guess we just assumed that you wouldn’t be into it. You just don’t seem like the type.
    But, look, if you’re curious, a bunch of us are getting together at Nigel’s tree next Friday after work. You can check it out, you know, no pressure.

  7. jose

    Why is “premeditated” between quotation marks?


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