By Ed Yong | February 16, 2010 12:49 pm

According to Sitemeter, Not Exactly Rocket Science passed 2,000,000 page views today!!! Virtual hugs, high-fives and fist-bumps all round.

As near as I can make out, the hit that did it came from Israel and was directed to yesterday’s autism post via Stumbleupon.

A quick retrospective calculation tells me that it took the first 35 months of NERS to get the first million hits and the last 7 to get the second million. I really am constantly delighted and humbled by the fact that people are actually reading this and that more seem to do so. Thanks to all of you for reading.


Comments (12)

  1. brooks

    i thought that was awful fast! good job on that. you earned it.

  2. Guillermina

    I am your fan and learn about good science writing in every post.

  3. zackoz

    Congrats, Ed.
    I became your reader after the brilliant Ida post (how right you were on that!). The problem with science is that so much is coming out every year – almost every month – that it’s hard, especially for a layman, to keep up. Your blog is a terrific resource.

  4. Congratulations, Ed! It is so well deserved.

  5. Daniel J. Andrews

    Nicely done, Ed. And thank you for writing such informative posts.

  6. Congrats Ed. That’s quite something. A million hits in 7 months? Wow. You certainly deserve an even wider readership, so keep it up! :-)

  7. Rory

    Congrats! Ah Cape Town… the place I call home. Im up Lions Head on Friday evening for sun downers!

  8. Samantha

    Yay. Congrats! Also, awsome picture!

  9. Phil

    Bravo ! I’m sure you’ll get to 3 millions even quicker!

  10. Matt

    Today, 2 million, tomorrow, the world XD
    I’ve told like 5 people myself about this site, it really is great. I think the first thing I read from you was something about an octopus back at wordpress XD. IDK when this was or what the article was even about, but w/e. I’ve come to your site nearly everyday, for a very long time. Congrats!

  11. iris

    Thanks to you for writing! I really enjoy this blog!
    And congrats, it’s well deserved!


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