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By Ed Yong | June 13, 2010 12:00 pm

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  1. wsa

    The “Mark Henderson at the Times has a great extended interview with our new science minister, David ‘Two-Brains’ Willetts” link appears to be the wrong one (it’s the same of the walrus thing)
    Oh but there’s a story about mites, thank you so much :)

  2. Rebecca Skloot was on BBC Radio 4 this morning. I only caught part of the interview, but that part at least was really good.

  3. jdmimic

    Seems there is a lot of complaints about Powerpoint recently. Seems to me that people are confusing the tool with a lack of comprehension about how to use it. Does one blame the hammer if somebody fails to drive a nail with it by throwing the hammer at the nail? If people paid more attention to what they wanted their particular audience to learn and less about what they wanted to talk about, many of these problems would go away. It seems few people understand the difference between talking at people versus educating them. Powerpoint misuse is rampant because few people understand communication and education, even though they think they do. But it is not the fault of Powerpoint any more than it is the fault of the chalk for the scribbles on the chalkboard.

  4. Wait, where did that come from? Who said anything about Powerpoint?

  5. James

    “the WHO may have “been unduly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry””

    Change ‘the WHO’ to ‘the Who’ and the quote still makes sense. It probably paraphrases a report from decades ago in the NME.

  6. Thanks, especially for rounding-up the blogs that bludgeoned Tierney. And the only thing that I can remember reading about Powerpoint recently was in Pinker’s cool dismissal of “techno-panic,” as you so aptly put it, in his NYT op-ed.

  7. “Bora Zivkovic has a great piece on the essence of online science journalism, breaking things down by signaller and audience.”

    I guess I’m closing the barn door after the livestock escaped, but I just wanted to comment to say that Bora didn’t write that, nor did he claim to. He was reposting a slideshow I originally wrote for a panel about online science journalism at the Canadian Science Writers Association’s annual meeting (it was re-written for Slideshare). I know I’m not as famous as Bora, but it would be nice if I could get the credit for my own work!

    Vanity aside, I’m very glad that you liked it. I’d love to get a dialogue going on this topic.


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