Rebooting Science Journalism 2: Rebooting Harder

By Ed Yong | September 3, 2010 5:57 pm

Here’s a video of the panel I spoke on today. The occasion: ScienceOnline London 2010. The topic: rebooting science journalism in the age of the web, a sequel to a similar panel that I chaired at ScienceOnline 2010. The people on either side of me: super-bloggers David Dobbs, Alice Bell and Martin Robbins, from left to right. The accent: British, which apparently comes as a massive shock to anyone who hasn’t previously met me and isn’t from the UK.

I liked this session. Fewer journalists in the audience that at ScienceOnline 2010 so the Q&A had a different flavour to it, and there’s no duck sex. But I think the four of us worked well off each other and everyone makes excellent points. For my part, I decided to talk about (a) the opportunities that the web (and blogs in particular) provide for experimenting with science journalism, and (b) the pitfalls that we must recognise if we’re not to make the same old mistakes all over again.

And be sure to join me in ScienceOnline 2019 for Science Journalism: Are You Sure She’s Plugged Into the Mains?, then in ScienceOnline 2024 for Taking the Cover Off Science Journalism and Rubbing the Batteries Up and Down; and finally in ScienceOnline 2048 for Science Journalism Ain’t Movin’ Ma, Is She Sleepin’?


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