Photo safari – Californian wildlife

By Ed Yong | October 26, 2010 9:00 am

I’ve just come back from a three-week jaunt in the US. While I recover from the jetlag (yes, I sleep, try not to faint), here are some photos, all wild and all taken by me and my wife during our loop around northern California. Fresh science will resume tomorrow.


Comments (7)

  1. MT-LA

    If I had a mustache like that seal in the first picture, I think I’d be pleased too.

    Sorry about the condor, Ed. Guess you’ll just have to come back out and try again.

    -Matt from wildlife-free Los Angeles

  2. Bill Rockenbeck

    Lots of great photos in there; I especially like the motion-blurred chipmunk.

  3. Yes, all animals in America are bigger than in Europe. Even our bedbugs are as big as your turtles.

  4. not only are our megafauna bigger, but they are more charismatic!

  5. zackoz

    You haven’t seen our (Australian) marsupial lion. It could beat anything you’ve got any day.

    Anna’s hummingbird? Can’t help wondering who Anna was, and why she deserved a whole hummingbird.

    A wonderful bird is the pelican…(you know the rest)

  6. The Anna in question was Anna Massena, Duchess of Rivoli, a 19th-century French aristocrat and wife to a keen amateur ornithologist.

  7. Great photos, thanks for sharing! I am a California girl living on the East Coast now, so it’s nice to see some familiar faces.


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