1000 posts!

By Ed Yong | May 11, 2011 1:05 pm

For those of you that didn’t read to the end of the last post on pain and memory, that was my 1000th post for this blog, all the way from its early years as a WordPress toddler, to its current incarnation at Discover. The count excludes photos, the Saturday links and personal bits like this – substantial science writing only.

Thanks to everyone who reads what I write. To the next thousand!

(Photo by Xelloss)


Comments (14)

  1. Congrats! Looking forward to more!

  2. Congratulations Ed! I hope to read your prose for a very long time. You rock!

  3. Robert S-R

    Not just the next thousand, Ed. To infinity, and beyond!

  4. D.R.

    Congrats. Love reading your blog.

  5. Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor)
  6. Robert S-R

    You’ve got a fantastic crew of writers here, Amos. Well, except that Phil Plait guy. He’s got his head in the stars.

  7. Congratulation ! I have been inspiring from you to write science articles.

  8. Aurora

    Congratulations, Ed! I can’t put it better than Robert S-R/Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity, and beyond,” indeed! Keep it up, and we’ll keep coming back for more…

  9. A very impressive milestone. Congratulations! I’ve been a fan from the early days, and your blog has inspired me to finally get off the couch and start writing.

  10. hurrah for your site, I read you every morning

  11. Well done, Ed! Looking forward to the next 2,000! By, say, next week sometime? 😉

  12. Congratulations on reaching this great milestone, Ed, and keep up the amazing work!

    Best wishes,


  13. 13 comments!

    See? I can do it too. :)

  14. While the quality was impressive from the start, the quantity has become too! Just keep on blogging and we’ll keep on reading!


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