Does Whatever a Spider Can – a gallery of incredible spiders

By Ed Yong | June 9, 2011 9:00 am

Comments (4)

  1. Patrick

    Awesome. Love your spider articles.

  2. Chris

    Are there still no photos of Nephila kowaci? I was momentarily confused by the photo of the golden silk orb-weaver. :P

  3. Manticore

    the abdomen of the uloborid spider looks like the head of a cat with a black mark on its forehead and closed eyes. The little spikes are the ears of course.

  4. Joe Marfice

    In slide 3, “The charlatan” (Myrmarachne melanotarsa), the picture confuses the article.

    The picture depicts a spider acting as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, walking amongst ants in (ostensibly) their colony.

    The article explains that Myrmarachne melanotarsa lives in ant-like colonies, in order to scare off bigger spiders and prey upon their eggs – no actual ants involved.

    Is the picture actually M. melanotarsa? Does it actually live with ants? Or is the picture of a myrmecophagous ant-mimicking spider, on the prowl for dinner? Or something else?

    BTW, your photo currently appears as the first choice by Google images in a search for “Myrmarachne melanotarsa”, so it has repercussions if it’s incorrectly labeled, of course.


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