I'm in the Best of American Science Writing 2011!

By Ed Yong | September 23, 2011 12:57 pm

And I’m British. Excuse me while I do an evil laugh.

My piece on sushi-digesting genes that hitched a ride from ocean bacteria to Japanese guts has been included in this year’s anthology.

I’m honoured for several reasons. The anthology was edited by the incredible father-and-daughter team of Floyd and Rebecca Skloot, she who wrote one of the best science books of last year. It features writing from some of the best in the business like Carl Zimmer and Deborah Blum. And I’m proud to represent the fine world of science blogging in an anthology that’s traditionally dominated by mainstream publications; this is actually the first time a blog has been included. Represent!

The book will be released on 27th September in the US and 20 October in the UK. Thanks to the Skloots for including me and congrats to my fellow nominees.

My only regret is that my attempt to sneak “favourite” into an American book was foiled by an eagle-eyed editor.


Comments (18)

  1. Congrats! Well deserved.

  2. You should so totally apply for American citizenship now. “Hey, I’m an American. See? It says so right here – best American science writing!” šŸ˜‰ So very, very happy for you, and so glad that you’ve blazed the trail. Your writing’s just that good!

  3. Diveena

    Congratulations! Does not surprise me one bit, you totally deserved it.

  4. Liath

    Congratulations, and now that you are an honorary American you should be allowed to vote in American elections. Vote wisely and often. Hmmm… not so sure either of those options are possible.

  5. Freya

    Congrats, Ed!!! You totally deserve it! I’ve learned so much from your blog and have shared many of the studies you wrote about with my students. You are a great resource!!

    Now, just curious, is there anywhere I can hear you speak? :)

  6. @Freya – Sure. Here’s my personal site: http://flavors.me/edyong. Click on “Speaking engagements” and there are lots of links there to talks that I’ve given.

  7. Congrats! Hope American readers will savour it!

  8. zackoz
  9. Congratulations, Ed! Well done. You’ve always been my favourite!

  10. Charles Sullivan

    Now you can start saying “y’all”.

  11. Rhea
  12. Congratulations Ed! Yee ha?

  13. Yes indeed, congrats on the well-deserved honor, and congrats for breaking the printed-publications/blog barrier!

  14. Farnsworth

    Congrats Ed. We read your stuff all the time in my 7th grade science class. We love your work.

  15. Comment #17 itself makes a pretty damned good Best Of win.

    Good on you, Ed, and keep up the good work.


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