The performance will continue after a brief intermission…

By Ed Yong | February 1, 2012 2:00 pm

I’m going to be travelling for 2.5 weeks for some much-needed rest and recuperation. There are a few posts scheduled for the next few days and then I’m reposting some of my favourites from last year for a bit. If you’re hankering for your Not Exactly Rocket Science fix, now is as good a time as any to lose yourself in my archives.

A note about comments: as previously stated, the blog operates on a once-only moderation system. Your first comment needs moderation; if you have a previously approved comment, you’re fine. Expect delays in the approval conveyor while I’m away.


(Pic by Norbert Nagel)


Comments (9)

  1. Liath

    Have a fine trip Ed. I hope you understand that I no doubt will be deep in the agonies of withdrawal by the time you return. Two and a half weeks? No articles? No links? Oh no! Enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about us. We’ll just sit over here in the corner with the lights out until you return.


  2. Alex

    Enjoy the travels, we’ll still be here

  3. Daniel J. Andrews

    We could post our own favourite missing links in some comment section somewhere….?…

    Enjoy your time off and travelling. Hope to see some pics of where you’ve been.

  4. Have fun!
    I like your once only moderation system. That means we have to be polite when introducing ourselves, right, and after that, anything goes? Love it.

  5. Robert S-R

    Safe travels and enjoy yourself! Remember, pics or it didn’t happen.

  6. Have a wonderful time.

  7. Loren Amacher

    Have fun, Ed. That guy in the pic looks like he’s listening to a Handel opera.


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