I've got your missing links right here (30 September 2012)

By Ed Yong | September 30, 2012 12:00 pm

Shorter list today – I’ve been travelling.

Top picks

Feel Ben Goldacre’s ire in every syllable of this extract from his new book: Bad Pharma

WOW! Watch from INSIDE a mussel’s shell, as a starfish shoves its stomach in and starts digesting

This chart details how to establish a permanent human presence in space. And it. Is. Amazing.

Amazing post by John Hutchinson on how thick rhino skin is, what a skinned rhino looks like & a big heart full of love for rhinos

What fresh sorcery is this? Hg(SCN)2 plus fire = bizarre root tendril monster thing.

WOW! Curiosity finds evidence of an ancient Martian riverbed!

“If every person on Earth aimed a laser pointer at the Moon at the same time, would it change color?”

Excellent article on the 17th century discovery of sperm and eggs by Matthew Cobb.

Two great pieces on the pseudoscience of food: Keith Kloor on how anti-GMO activists are polluting science communication with tactics commonly used by anti-vaccination people; and

Google Sea View. Incredible.

Mothers: your children are on your mind. No, literally, bits of them are inside your brain. By Emily Willingham.

In which Megan Garber chats to Randall Munroe of XKCD. I have a case of awesomeness poisoning

This headline will NEVER be beaten: “Buddhist “Iron Man” Found by Nazis Is from Space”



Woman has new ear grown on her arm and attached to her head. Warning: graphic. Also: amazing.

How to carve a drop of water with a knife

Bot passes as human in a first-person shooter Turing test

Hummingbirds are just as efficient when flying backwards or hovering forward.

GM trials slash dengue mosquito numbers

Picture the Predator’s face…but on fish genitals

Cancer rates set to drop 17 per cent by 2030. Also gives absolute rates. Excellent. “Stupid times require stupid solutions, says Romney”

Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial” aired on Channel 4 earlier this week. It sounds absolutely awful.

Common sundew snatches prey up with super-fast catapult.

Psychology (and probably all of science) needs more replications,” says new President Elect of SPSP

Experimental setup: listen to laughter while a scientist burns your hands with a laser

Trees come from the air, explains Feynman

French doctors stand trial over cancer radiation scandal

More power to rangers: What can be done to stop record level of elephant poaching?

Russian chemist provides independent scientific testimony, jailed for her troubles

Great Ilana Yurkiewicz post on the RCT that shows gender bias in science is real, and why it matters

PLOS kicks of a riot when it announces that it will retract papers whose major conclusions are not supported.

Remember the horrendous Science It’s a Girl Thing video? Here’s a contest to make a better one.

Lawd, this cancer story irritates me: MD Anderson’s unqualified hype, CNN’s “Breaking news”, the piss-poor sci-comm.

So exactly why can’t we open the windows of an airplane? AV Flox talks to Michael Habib who lays it all out beautifully

Asiatic cheetahs snatch livestock. Amazing 2nd photo.

Korean eunuchs lived longer. <looks down, looks up, shakes head, reaches for beer>

In Prehistoric Britain Cannibalism Was Practical and Ritualistic. (Now, just impractical and slapdash).



A hummingbird skeleton  next to an elephant bird femur

Well HELLO, you handsome devil

Why weapons forged from fallen stars will give you cancer

The Stone Balancers of Flagstaff

Easy mistake to make.

Heh. The Onion issues a correction

What kind of dinosaur is Godzilla?



Writers and their pet punctuation marks

Drones. Crap.

Driverless Cars Would Reshape Automobiles *and* the Transit System

Editor says blogs aren’t journalism, but then retires. More of this please.

Guardian plans a new pyramid scheme training scheme for journalists, to fill the jobs that don’t exist.

Jonah Lehrer speaks up about the accusations against him… and is STILL lying.

Extraordinary (if slightly bizarre) post about meeting a troll.

HA! Four words that should never appear in the same page 1 story: Cancer, Cure, Gina and Kolata

Five feminists hate-read Naomi Wolf’s book. Hilarious.

11yrs ago, I was at university. Meanwhile, this man was imprisoned at Guantanamo. Never charged, never convicted, now dead

Robin Ince on comedians, rape jokes, where’s the line? is there a line?

Fund newspapers w/ a broadband levy? Sure. Or you could make a product people actually want to buy..




Comments (6)

  1. Daniel J. Andrews

    If I may be so presumptuous to include a link I saw because you posted about it on Twitter (if I’ve stolen your thunder, apologies and delete this), Things I Learned as a Field Biologist


    It had me laughing. I thought I had some good field bio stories, but I bow to his anecdotes. His parasites leave bot flies looking like beauty bumps. Also it reminds me why I opted to head to the Arctic rather than the tropics.

    Complete O/T: Spillover arrived a few days ago. I picked it up because you made it sound so good. I’ve only just started, but you were right, it is good writing. And, yes, it does read something like you would write. So write a book already! :-)

  2. Brett

    This headline will NEVER be beaten: “Buddhist “Iron Man” Found by Nazis Is from Space”

    I don’t know. I think it has a close competitor in a headline I read a while back: “Gordon Ramsey Dwarf Porn Double Eaten by Badger”.

  3. David Hobby

    “Guardian plans a new pyramid scheme training scheme for journalists, to fill the jobs that don’t exist.”

    I got a 404 error for the link in this one.

  4. Kurt Kohler

    The item on the pseudoscience of food appears to be truncated. There’s only one link for one thing.

  5. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD

    What kind of dinosaur is Godzilla?
    C’mon. Everyone nkows Gojira is a mutated marine iguana.

  6. Usual great list, but again with the simplistic anti-GMO stuff. Sorry I have to escalate, but previous comments didn’t fix things:


    “False balance and simplistic denunciation of the anti-GMO movement: Keith Kloor and Ed Yong, call your offices

    Ed Yong certainly and Keith Kloor possibly understand false balance in climate reporting: the scientific mainstream and a few outliers should not get equal billing. Keith Kloor certainly and Ed Yong possibly don’t understand the false balance problem in the simplistic and blanket denunciation of opposition to GMO foods that equates the anti-GMO movement to climate denialists.*

    Neither can distinguish wheat and chaff, separating a few real environmental concerns and some pretty hypothetical health concern from an admittedly-large amount of unfounded anti-GMO concerns, particularly about health. One real environmental concerns is of genetic contamination in the wild from GMO genes, both of species related to domesticated species and of plant species gone “feral”. Another is how GMOs facilitate increased herbicide use through inserting resistance genes in targeted crops. A hypothetical health concern is from transferring allergenic genes to otherwise non-allergenic foods. Another (possibly less-hypothetical) is farmworker exposure to the increased herbicide use.

    *This is mostly about Kloor, but Yong has a blog history of simply supporting the anti-anti-GMO people, including this Kloor article.”


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