Don't Know Much About Technology: McCain Tackles ScienceDebate Questions

By Melissa Lafsky | September 15, 2008 4:58 pm

The ScienceDebate2008 project put together 14 questions for the candidates covering all the major bases, including climate change, energy, education, national security, biotech, conservation, and health care. (For a full list, go here.) Earlier this month, Obama submitted his responses. Now McCain has followed suit. Here are some highlights, with a few of our own annotations.


I am uniquely qualified to lead our nation during this technological revolution. While in the Navy, I depended upon the technologies and information provided by our nation’s scientists and engineers with during [sic] each mission. [Hmm. So if I’m in the Navy, and I ride on a submarine, I’m thus qualified to run all military weapons development?] I am the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The Committee plays a major role in the development of technology policy, specifically any legislation affecting communications services, the Internet, cable television and other technologies. [Which adds additional irony to McCain’s inability to surf the Web.] Under my guiding hand, Congress developed a wireless spectrum policy that spurred the rapid rise of mobile phones and Wi-Fi technology that enables Americans to surf the web while sitting at a coffee shop, airport lounge, or public park.

As President, I will —

• Focus on addressing national needs to make the United States a leader in developing, deploying, and exporting new technologies;
• Utilize the nation’s science and technology infrastructure to develop a framework for economic growth both domestically and globally;
• Appoint a Science and Technology Advisor within the White House to ensure that the role of science and technology in policies is fully recognized and leveraged, that policies will be based upon sound science, and that the scientific integrity of federal research is restored;
• Eliminate wasteful earmarks in order to allocate funds for science and technology investments; [We won’t even touch this one.]

Climate Change

To dramatically reduce carbon emissions, I will institute a new cap-and-trade system that over time will change the dynamic of our energy economy. By the year 2012, we will seek a return to 2005 levels of emissions, by 2020, a return to 1990 levels, and so on until we have achieved at least a reduction of sixty percent below 1990 levels by the year 2050. [James Hansen may have something to say about this one.]

I have long supported CAFE standards – the mileage requirements that automobile manufacturers’ cars must meet. Some carmakers ignore these standards, pay a small financial penalty, and add it to the price of their cars. But I believe that the penalties for not following these standards must be effective enough to compel all carmakers to promote the development of fuel-efficient vehicles. I will strengthen the penalties for violating CAFE standards, and make certain they are effectively enforced. [Which isn’t the same as raising them.]

To bolster research efforts, government must do more by opening new paths of invention and ingenuity. A McCain administration would establish a permanent research and development tax credit equal to ten percent of wages spent on R&D, to open the door to a new generation of environmental entrepreneurs. [Excellent! Now we’re getting somewhere.] I am also committed to investing two billion dollars every year for the next 15 years on clean coal technologies, to unlock the potential of America’s oldest and most abundant resource. [Hansen would approve.]


As President, I will put the country on track to building 45 new reactors by 2030 so that we can meet our growing energy demand and reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. Nuclear power is a proven, domestic, zero-emission source of energy [sort of] and it is time to recommit to advancing our use of nuclear energy. The U.S. has not started construction on a new nuclear power plant in over 30 years. [Yeah well there was the matter of a little P.R. problem.] Currently, nuclear power provides 20 percent of our overall energy portfolio. Other countries such as China, India and Russia are looking to increase the role of nuclear power in their energy portfolio and the U.S. should not just look to maintain, but increase its own use.

In the progress of other alternative energy sources — such as wind, solar, geothermal, tide, and hydroelectric –government must be an ally but not an arbiter. In less than a generation, wind power alone could account for a fifth or more of all our electricity. And just in recent memory, solar energy has gone from a novelty to a fast-growing industry. I’ve voted against the current patchwork of tax credits for renewable power because they were temporary, and often the result of who had the best lobbyist instead of who had the best ideas. [Temporary is better than nonexistent.]


Less than 20 percent of our undergraduate students obtaining degrees in math or science, and the number of computer science majors have fallen by half over the last eight years. America must address these trends in education and training if it hopes to compete successfully. [Apparently, science is above proofreading for typos on McCain’s education list.]

But I believe that education is an ongoing process. Thus our nation’s education system should not only focus on graduating new students; we must also help re-train displaced workers as they prepare for the rapidly evolving economy. [Does that include training for former investment bankers?]

We must fill the pipeline to our colleges and universities with students prepared for the rigors of advanced engineering, math, science and technology degrees.

We must move aggressively to provide opportunities from elementary school on, for students to explore the sciences through laboratory experimentation, science fairs and competitions.

We must bring private corporations more directly into the process, leveraging their creativity, and experience to identify and maximize the potential of students who are interested and have the unique potential to excel in math and science. [Yes, because encouraging close relationships between private corporations and scientific research always yields such positive results.]

Pandemics & Biosecurity

When faced with a global pandemic, the United States must have in place and implement a layered strategy to save lives and protect the continuity of a functioning society. First, we must limit the spread of disease to the United States. Second, we must limit the spread of disease within the United States. This must be accomplished at the community level with strategies that have worked in past pandemics and can be adapted to a current crisis. Third, we must mitigate symptoms of the disease and minimize suffering and death with effective treatments and countermeasures. And fourth, we must maintain a functioning economy, public service sector and community.

The strategy requires a focus on: preparedness (the activities that should be undertaken before a pandemic to ensure preparedness); communication (the roles and responsibilities of all levels of government and segments of society); surveillance and detection (both domestic and international systems that provide continuous situational awareness to ensure the earliest warning possible to protect the population); and response and containment (actions to limit the spread of the outbreak and to mitigate the health, social and economic impacts of a pandemic. [Yes, a strategy for disaster-preparedness! Like this one!]

Genetics Research

Genetic research holds great promise, but also demands great responsibility. We stand on the threshold of life-changing breakthroughs shepherded by the human genome project. I share in the wonder that unlocking the human genetic code affords and the life-changing treatments and therapies it could allow. But this discovery should inspire restraint to equal to its promise to ensure nascent discoveries are not abused. [Translation: I’ll do whatever my party tells me on this one.] As genetic research becomes increasingly deployed, the need to ensure privacy of human records will become all the more essential, as will be the rigor to ensure there is no genetic discrimination. [We already took care of that, finally.] The scientific potential and ethical issues associated with genetics are important and complex enough that I will actively seek out the wise counsel of experts about how to ensure that we are best serving the needs of the American people. [If you’re looking, we know a few that could help!]


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  1. blake

    good one, make fun of mccain for not using the internet, without going into why he doesn’t.

    he is not physically capable of using a keyboard for any extended period of time from POW injuries.

    this is just a list with snarky comments all over. really informative.

    well at least you did the same to obamas answers . . . right? jk, i know the answer

  2. Nice summary, thank you!

    I just wanted to let you know about a similar effort my organization has undertaken. We’ve asked for (and received) responses from both candidates to questions about science, research, its funding and other related issues.

    In addition we’re asking all candidates for Congress to weigh in on these important issues as part of our voter education initiative at

  3. beach bum

    Wow. I could tell you were a writer for the Huffington Post. In case Discover Magazine is interested, you have readers beyond the great intellectual hub of New York City, and not all of us are looking for any excuse to rip on any Republican. It makes me sad to read such prejudiced thinking.

  4. Kansan 4 Science

    McCain picks a creationist and you HAVE to approach any answers of his about science with a very heavy air of caution and with a grain of salt.

  5. Chad

    You do realize that McCain can’t type because of injuries received courtesy of the Viet Cong, don’t you? You are playing with fire by mocking his sacrifice.

    You know what? The vast majority of people from McCain’s generation do not use the internet with significant frequency. When you are his age, you won’t use the toys your kids are playing with either. It is just the way things work.

  6. Robert

    This analysis is biased.

  7. Michael Costello

    I notice that the editors inserted all manner of snotty commentary into McCain’s answers. And, that there is nothing similar in Obama’s replies. I’m sure you’re all just totally unbiased journalists, just like Keith Olbermann and Dan Rather.

  8. Mark

    Please stick to science and leave the politics to those of us informed on such things.

    I won’t go point-for-point, but I do want to smack you for that snarky jab concerning earmarks. John McCain told you: “Eliminate wasteful earmarks in order to allocate funds for science and technology investments.” You link to an article about his vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin, having accepted a few earmarks.

    First, John McCain is the only one of the four major party ticket candidates, not to request earmarks. Biden is the worst, with Obama trailing not far behind.

    Secondly, Palin, in her two years as governor of Alaska, has drastically reduced the number and expense of earmark requests for her State. She sits in the largest State in the nation, geographically, yet asked for the least per square mile for insfrastructure earmarks.

    I love Discover magazine for its coverage of what its area of expertise, science. Political science? Not so much.

  9. Allegra Mautner

    I do admit that this is quite a biased article but don’t even try to tell me that Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, and the entire FOX news industry aren’t biased either. There is no such thing as unbiased news in America anymore, and it is dominated by right wing conservatives. Liberals have to get their say in somewhere and I think that a small science magazine is nowhere near the magnitude that the conservatives control.

  10. As an almost member of “McCain’s generation” I want ya’ll to know that many of us _do_ use the internet. Most of us (and younger ‘generations’ as well) do not type fluently, yet we manage to surf fairly well, thank you very much. We didn’t learn to type in large part because it was considered something that non-college “business” bound (only) female students were supposed to do — a status thing. Today, creeping arthritis from whatever genetic or historical cause creeps in on our hands.

    As a rational supporter of Obama, I also want Discover & this columnist to know that I can tell blatant bias when I see it, and it did not help me weed through McCain’s statements to the parts he left out or skimped on. It also did not help Obama in any way. We’ve got too much snarky crud already; if you support one person, grow up and do it well. If you want to cut someone for the pleasure of it, go someplace else, OK?

    Obama understands the difference between short term and long term thinking, and solutions. He has used those terms. McCain & Co. do not. Sorry ’bout that. It has taken us over 100 years to get this dependent on oil. How will starting to drill for a tiny bit more get us out of trouble? Now, or ever?

  11. Taerog

    “You do realize that McCain can’t type because of injuries received courtesy of the Viet Cong, don’t you? You are playing with fire by mocking his sacrifice.”
    I know quite a few 85+ year olds that can surf the web (and do it every day) also not all of them have fully functional hands due to arthritis.
    Also, There are quite a few VETs that surf also . . WITH OUT HANDS!

    So, IF the reason he does not surf is a old war wound . . then cry me a river my Grandmother and the guy down the road make him look like a wimp. Suck it up “war Hero” there are alternate ways to serf the net without a normal keyboard that I am sure he can afford.

  12. Jim Bauer

    Discover is a great magazine with substantial expertise itself with qualified contributors with varing opinions. An elementary science fact is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms make water. Water gets along fine with to different elements. Why does Discover Magazine need to prove that a Democrat and a Republican encapusulate so much hatrid and are so different that they can not work together to produce a unified nation (my water to grow a peaceful world). A unifier you are not. Most humans have a flaw: except those in the media.

  13. Dennis

    Uhhh…can we go back and look at the Obama response to see if similar snarky comments were made? Of course they weren’t. Why was this even necessary? Did an editor fail to see the totally snide comments appended to Senator McCain’s responses? I hope Discover can understand why many of us support the McCain campaigns attempts to show the utter bias of the media. If Discover is in full throated support of Obama, say so and don’t try to be so cutesy about it.

  14. daryl

    I’ve noticed Miss Leftski is sort of a chameleon whether she realises it or not. Your attitude toward we seasoned citezens would have cost you a subscriber had I been one.
    Remember what plays well at HuffPo falls flat and isn’t so cute to a mature readership, dear.

  15. Heidi Schuppenhauer

    About McCain’s war injuries: I’d point out that Stephen Hawking is rather “injured” too, and more significantly, and somehow manages to use a computer. I’ve known productive programmers that are totally blind. The fact is, there are in fact ways to use a computer for people with very major injuries: there are folks that have been working on this for decades, because computers are very good tools for people with physical issues.

    However, if McCain is in fact more disabled than Stephen Hawking, I’d wonder if he is able to really lead this country?

  16. phil

    What a piece of liberal trash — read the replies and you will see most agree.
    You didn’t do any analysis – just sharp quips – which weren’t even slightly humorous.
    Sorry a science magazine has to be so political – my subscription may have been a mistake –

  17. llewelly

    Hm. It appears the people whining about Lafsky’s critique of McCain’s answers to the ScienceDebate questions have no substantive defenses of McCain’s answers. Nor do they have any substantive explanation for his long record of anti-science votes in the senate.

  18. Congratulations on earning yourself some flames from the right-wing!
    Sounds like you did something right.

    Keep it up – our politicians need to be kept under the microscope (a tool invented for science, which helps us to learn more about the truth)

  19. Cheyenne

    Ms. Lafsky –
    Don’t let the other commentators get you down. I don’t think you should back down for helping to make Discover a science/leftist political magazine. I think as long as you are honest about your political bias people will respect you. It’s when magazines, blogs, etc. try to hide it or sneak it into regular articles that people really take umbrage.

    There clearly isn’t anything out there that is bias free (probably never was). At one point (in my early days) I would have thought a science magazine could avoid partisan politics- but I think I was a little naive!

  20. Mitch Miller

    Mark said

    “She sits in the largest State in the nation, geographically, yet asked for the least per square mile for insfrastructure earmarks.”

    Lol, what a ridiculous metric. I would think Alaska has always asked for the least per square mile for obvious reasons that have nothing to do with Palin.

  21. The media is not supposed to be unbiased – it is supposed to be honest. There’s a difference. The media’s job is to hold politicians to account, and it cannot do that if it’s not allowed to criticize anyone.

    That said, the above post primarily showed the repeated hypocracy of McCain, illustrating the contrast between his history and actions and the “statement” he wrote. That is an effective way of questioning the sincerity of the statement, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    All I see is people whining about how unfair it is to call a spade a spade.

  22. Will

    I’m getting tired of hearing that such-and-such a magazine has a left or right-wing bias. I’d like to respond with a radical opinion: I DON’T CARE. It doesn’t matter. It has no relevance to any important subject what so ever. Fox has a right-wing bias and Discover has a left-wing bias. Who cares.

    Whatever their bias is, they have to back it up with something. Let’s try to focus on whether or not what a media publication prints is the TRUTH or not. Everything else will fall into place. The best argument against this article’s judgment against McCain is “A war injury keeps him off the internet” Everything else is a complaint that McCain is being made fun of.

    Come ON! Is that really the best you can do?

  23. Mattness

    Mark said:

    “Secondly, Palin, in her two years as governor of Alaska, has drastically reduced the number and expense of earmark requests for her State. She sits in the largest State in the nation, geographically, yet asked for the least per square mile for insfrastructure earmarks.”

    Maybe instead of earmark dollar per square mile (wtf) you should use earmark dollar per citizen as your metric, which, frankly, makes a heck of a lot more sense. In that regard she has requested more per person that any other state in the US. (

    But anyway, that discussion is off topic. Fact is, this article is “snarky” (obviously) because Wired is a science magazine and McCain holds many views that can be regarded as anti-scientific, Not to mention electing a creationist as VP candidate.

  24. Rachael

    Actually, I thought the snark was quite hilarious. So I guess go ahead and dump me into the liberal granola-eating hippy box so I can be safely dismissed.

    I’m really starting to think that “media bias” claims are really code for “OMG YOU WERE MEAN TO MY CANDIDATE IN A WAY I CAN’T REFUTE!” While yes, you can certainly tell who the author here will be voting for, whining about it really does nothing to refute the points made above.

    And frankly, I can’t blame anyone who presumably cares about science (as one would assume at Discover Magazine) for taking potshots at a man who is sucking up to the anti-science religious arm of the Republican party as much as McCain is. I’m sure that, in general, science would love to stay away from politics, but there’s a lot riding on this race that concerns the scientific community – funding, energy policy, education, etc. It just might be that there is some kind of clear line that can be drawn on who has a better science policy, and if that is the case, expecting some kind of equality in the criticism would be basically expecting someone to lie to make you feel better.

    Sometimes, both sides aren’t equal on an issue. If they were, they wouldn’t be disagreeing!

    And I’m kind of surprised Ms. Lafsky didn’t decide to bring the hammer down on McCain’s extremely lame answer about stem cells, but I guess that would have been a little too easy.

  25. RebekahD

    McCain seems to have no problem using his Blackberry, which has much smaller keys than a standard keyboard. I suspect this keyboard disability was cooked up as an excuse by McCain’s keepers.

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