Think You're an Undecided Voter? Your Brain May Disagree.

By Melissa Lafsky | October 31, 2008 12:33 pm

With less than a week before showtime, the polls are already jam packed. But the real stars of the eleventh hour are the undecided voters, who still (incredibly, miraculously) haven’t made up their minds. And apparently they’re more numerous than one might think, with one in seven voters saying they might go either way, according to a recent poll.

But are these vacillating voters really still deciding? Or could their minds have already formulated a choice, without their even realizing it? University of Virginia psychologist Brian Nosek suspects the latter is true, and has partnered with colleagues at Harvard and the University of Washington to test whether humans form mental associations that differ from what their conscious recognizes.

To do this, the researchers used the Implicit Association Test, which has been up and running for a decade now and has logged around 7 million responses. Since the 2008 presidential race began, the team has tested more than 25,000 voters on their implicit preferences concerning the two candidates. Of that group, around 4,000 (15 percent) declared themselves undecided. But the test results for a significant number of these so-called undecideds showed a clear implicit preference for Obama or McCain. Here’s how the team summarized their results:

  • Implicitly, Democrats are strongly pro-Obama, and Republicans are strongly pro-McCain, similar to their explicit preferences.
  • Independents are implicitly pro-Obama, on average, similar to current polling results.
  • The most intriguing subsample is the large number of undecideds who appear to be leaning toward McCain implicitly and toward Obama explicitly.

The last finding, of course, being the elephant in the room (or the polling booth).


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  1. Alyssa

    Conscious or unconscious pretty crazy undecided voters still exist at all:

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  8. where to begin…is this part of the ‘dialogue” Obama wants to avoid from Republicans? Is there a “we told you so” he smells is ready on their breath? Cetainly he has a dose coming… Is there some admission that this was BS from the getgo? Not likely on any o fthe aforementioned scores, but we do know that the rhetoric isn’t about to stop, nor the finger pointing to the GOP (and as eagerly back at ’em) or the ceaseless blaming of Bush. To his credit it only exemplfied his point–they’re deaf from birth (please a November-after pill effective in January).Until then it is pretty clear the words dripping from Bayh’s remorse are too far a cry from reality for liberals to grip. If only the GOP could find some leadership amongst these ashes and DO something fruitful with it other than add to the nonsense afoul in DC.

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