This Week’s Scishimi: I like symmetrical butts and I cannot lie.

By Christie Wilcox | August 8, 2011 1:15 pm

Play soccer, for your butt’s sake. Another wonderful Friday post by the even more wonderful Scicurious.

August 2nd was Chemistry Day here at Scientific American Blogs – go check out the great posts.

Did you know dieting starves your brain? Its solution is to eat itself. Yeah. Maybe chew more instead?

Can’t an ugly, slimy bottom feeder get some love? Yes, yes it can.

Paleo-nerd Brian Switek begs Spielberg to really do Jurassic Park 4 – and to get it right.

Trying to get chicks makes bustards age faster.

This blows my mind. Bees. Pregnancy test. Art. Wow.

Are smarter people getting smarter?


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