September’s Scishimi: Musings on menstrual blood and spraying sperm.

By Christie Wilcox | October 6, 2011 3:50 pm

Sorry I’m a week late in posting this: it’s been a busy October so far. Without further ado…

This just in: women aren’t toxic.

You get more stubborn when people tell you you’re wrong.

In case you haven’t heard, Border’s closed. They have a message for all bookstore patrons.


Science museums are failing grown-ups. Or maybe it’s just because adults can’t think as scientifically as kids?

The evolution of collective violence.

There’s something to be said for spraying others with sperm (at least if you’re a squid.)

Flashing attracts the wrong crowd.

How good is your color vision? A fun online test.

A truly awesome video of peacock spider dancing.

I. Hate. Politics.

The rivalry between lions and hyenas has been around for a long time. Now for the fossil evidence of a devious lion with an ugly scar joining up with the hyenas to take over the savannah…

That which they give, they can take away.

Nothing is more frightening than the teenage brain.

You’re never really living in the moment.

A stunning slideshow of the evolution of feathers. Go. Watch. Now.

“In many respects, the history of technology is a history of failed machines”

A dolphin’s whistle isn’t a whistle at all.

We spend more money when relaxed. I must have been really relaxed this month…

Turns out evolution favors complex brains – enough for them to have arisen a lot.

Can stem cells be used to rescue endangered species?

Oh, and PETA gets into porn.


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