The 3 Quarks Daily Science Blogging Prize Is Back!

By Christie Wilcox | May 31, 2012 6:10 pm

Every year, the amazing crew over at 3 Quarks Daily offers a prize for great science writing online judged by an esteemed scientific mind. This year, the judge is Sean Carroll – previous 3QD winner, incredible science blogger, practicing scientist, and the author of great science books like From Eternity to Here. Any science blog post from May 29th, 2011 until May 29th, 2012 is eligable – all you have to do is nominate it by leaving a comment with a link on this announcement post. You have until June 9th to submit your nominations!

And, on the topic of shameless self promotion, if you wanted to submit one of mine, here are my favorites:

Of course, please submit whatever posts you like the best, from the amazing plethora of science blogs out there.

On a similar note, you can now submit nominations for the AAAS Kavli Awards for science journalism. Science blogs are perfect for the online category – so nominate your favorite science blogs for that prize, too!


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Dr. Christie Wilcox is a science writer and postdoctoral scholar at the University of Hawaii. She is renowned in the science blogosphere for her delicate balance of contemporary science and scientific perspective seasoned with just the right amount of wit. Her award-winning posts have landed on the pages of major media outlets including The New York Times and Scientific American. To learn more about her life and work, check out her webpage or follow her on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


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