A Drowned World: Incredible Underwater Images Of Miniature Men And Marine Life

By Christie Wilcox | October 12, 2013 9:08 am

Jason Isley, cofounder and managing director of ScubaZoo, has taken a lot of pictures of marine life. He’s a brilliant photographer, and his incredible images reveal the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world. But after taking thousands of pictures of everything from inverts to fish, Jason wanted a change of perspective. “I was running out of ways to maintain my passion,” he explained on flickr. Even the vibrant nudibranchs had lost their spark. “I’ve shot them from countless angles and under a variety of lighting configurations,” he said. “I really wanted to do something entirely different. Something off-the-wall.”

workers - acidians

The photos that resulted from his need for a creative jolt are nothing short of spectacular. To shake up his perspective, Jason decided to juxtapose miniature figurines with marine life to create a bizarre underwater world. “The entire series follows a surreal theme of humans living underwater once the planet is completely flooded and of course miniature in size,” he says.

fish hooks

Images can tell such vivid stories of the world around us, but these go beyond that. They’re not just stunning, they’re transformative, mutating the marine world into an alien landscape full of danger and intrigue. I love the way Jason uses the reef’s bright colors and strange textures to bring the miniature figures to life. I’ve been snorkeling and diving for decades, and these images still made me look at the marine realm in a whole new way. In particular, the way he uses marine debris, from fishing hooks to batteries, is genius. I’ve embedded a few of my favorites here, but you should check out the entire series of images in his flickr set.

leisure - circus lion tamer

workers - magic mushroom

leisure - painter

UW attack - mantis shrimp

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