Move over Miley: Dr. Bondar’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ spoof is VMA-worthy!

By Christie Wilcox | January 12, 2014 1:42 pm

Miley Cyrus might have licked the sledgehammer first, but Dr. Carin Bondar’s remake of the infamous Wrecking Ball is spoof + science at its best. Whoever thinks Miley has cornered the market on licking strange objects is in for a real treat with Organisms Do Evolve (and I, for one, think Dr. Bondar rocks the white tank top, tighty-whities, and red lipstick far better). Though the aesthetics amuse, the video also focuses on the science, and smashes creationist notions that evolution isn’t true. As the lyrics state once and for all “organisms do evolve/That giant mystery’s been solved/Creationism’s proven false/Get familiar with our phylogeny.”

But does Dr. Bondar recreate the most infamous Miley moment? Well, I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out…

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  • Leslie Bianchi

    Can you put the words up please?

    • Christie Wilcox

      Here’s what Carin wrote on the YouTube page (you can read it below the video if you click through to YouTube):

      I am always troubled by the lack of awareness surrounding the process of evolution by natural selection. Also, I am a crazy dorky scientist who enjoys many aspects of pop culture. I’m a Miley fan, and when I first saw ‘Wrecking Ball’ it was just irresistible for me to parody it! Here are the full lyrics:

      They fought, they strained, their lives in vain
      They thought, always asking why
      Not blessed but shunned, the world was stunned
      But facts, no one could deny

      You might think you know, only just suppose
      What you’re told isn’t true

      Facts you can’t deny, science doesn’t lie
      There is actual proof

      That organisms do evolve
      That giant mystery’s been solved
      Creationism’s proven false
      Get familiar with our phylogeny

      Yes, our phylogeny.

      There’s A, there’s C there’s T there’s G,
      They’re called nucleotides
      The helix turns with no concern
      For Gods, or religious lives

      Gene diversity, stochasticity
      Just the fittest survive
      Then they procreate, and some genes mutate
      Varied forms are derived.

      Yes organisms do evolve,
      The experts have worked hard to solve
      The complex processes involved
      In the earth’s history

      Yes organisms do evolve,
      There’s no more mystery to solve,
      Fundamental to life overall
      Get familiar with our biology

      Scholarship and science answer for
      Absolute complexities within
      Both extant and extinct creature forms
      Understanding that is not a sin

      Scholarship and science answer for
      Incidents where divergence begins
      Understanding that is not a sin
      You might think you know, only just suppose
      What you’re told isn’t true.

      Cuz organisms do evolve,
      There’s no more mystery to solve
      Creationism’s proven false
      Get familiar with our phylogeny

      Yes organisms do evolve,
      Such complex processes resolved
      Fundamental to life overall
      Aim to understand our biology

      It’s our biology

      I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making. EVOLUTION FTW!

      Are you in love with the amazing vocals of Emily Hammel-Brisson? You can drop her a line at

      • Leslie Bianchi

        thank you :)

  • Uncle Al

    Take care not to confuse weather with climate, science with God.
    Disassemble a watch, put the parts in a bag, shake – no watch.
    Dissolve hydrogen cyanide and ammonia in water, warm, shine in some light – adenine, ΔG = −53.7 kcal/mole.

    Just because it works at will doesn’t mean it didn’t happen as a miracle. True love of God can overcome any rational thought or empirical circumstance. Ignorance is a form of knowing things, as is faith. Diversity demands you return its rights that you have stolen disguised as scholarship and productivity.

    • Tyler Nute

      Even though I disagree with you, I appreciate that you provide a source for your information. You know as well as I do that too many people on the internet don’t bother.

  • Mike Sheffield

    Seriously?? She chose Miley Cyrus for a song about proof of evolution??? Lol. And I’m pretty sure she’s singing “I Love Jim Beam” at the end.

  • Buddy199

    Miley Cyrus is proof of evolution in which direction again?

  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    Young earth creationism has been proven false, but that in no way precludes creation by a divine being. The big bang, evolution, etc could just be the tools of a divine being.

    I have no problem with someone choosing to believe or not believe in a deity as they see fit, but I get annoyed when people say that science definitively disproves the existence of a being that would be definitionally beyond the purview of science.

  • Gene Partlow

    This video seems incoherent and arch, but the
    thing is this..

    Most of us have read of the famous account of the great scientist Laplace at the court of Napoleon. There are various versions, but the gist is: Napoleon, commenting on Laplace’s huge book on the System of the Universe, asks, “..where is the mention of
    God in all this?” Laplace responds, “Sire, I have
    no need of that hypothesis.”

    The point is that modern science does not deny the existence of any god(s) (effectively unfalsifiable). It simple and clearly says that no gods were actually needed, in any manner, to explain the universe.

    Physical nature seems to do quite well on its own, thank you.

  • Kip Keino

    Holy Neptune’s ghost, great creativity !

  • Thomas F. O’Connell

    where did physical nature arise from ? science also proves you can’t get something out of nothing

  • Thomas F. O’Connell

    that being said how beautiful is dr. carni?…..great parpdy

  • Thomas F. O’Connell

    love to have a debate with her…..


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