SciNoFi Blog Roundup – Robots, Mars and Singing Scientists

By Sam Lowry | July 15, 2008 3:17 pm

Improved and expanded laws of robotics [SomethingAwful via BoingBoing]

Living on Martian time [Futurismic]

Singing Mad Scientist Alert: Dr. Horrible comes online today and its pretty frakkin’ good. If only Whedon had the foresight to cast NPH in the Buffy musical.

Revenge of the moped: The future of transport is not the hovercraft, but the electric bicycle. [Next Big Future]

Ahead of our ComicCon panel next week on good science in good science fiction, some musings on the opposite phenomenon: when science fiction hurts good science. [io9, Science Fiction in Biology and Mike Brotherton via SF Signal]

UPDATE: I totally missed the main point of this last story, which was that Buzz Aldrin was the guy who said that popular scifi was hindering science.  Active discussion on the topic going on now at Bad Astronomy.

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MORE ABOUT: Joss Whedon, Mars

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