SciNoFi Blog Roundup – Fringe Edition

By Sam Lowry | September 24, 2008 5:25 pm

Pacey on FringeTo paraphrase the Hold Steady, we like to stay positive.   At Science Not Fiction, staying positive means that we don’t debunk (or nerdgas.)  If the sonic screwdriver solves the problem, then by all means whip it out.

That being said, this show Fringe is seriously stretching us to the limit.

Fringe Gets Fast Aging and Frozen Optics Wrong [Popular Mechanics]

Fringe “violates basic tenets of biology, chemistry and physics without any explanation.” [Polite Dissent]

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, here are few other links to help lighten the mood:

You say Obama?  I say Adama for President.  [LA Times]

H.P Lovecraft as the Whitman’s Sampler copy writer [McSweeney’s]

Future Farms to Have Giant Livestock [Modern Mechanix]

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Comments (5)

  1. What about the fact that the only person who can help them is some nutjob who spent the last 17 years in a mental asylum.

    Surely there is someone else who knows their stuff as well as this crazy.

    Don’t forget the mind meld between Dunham and Agent Scott. Come on.

    But should we expect any less from JJ Abrams?

  2. QChronoD

    Its on FOX, do you really expect it to follow the laws of reality?
    Regardless of the fact that they make up their science, its a fun show. Brings back memories of X-Files when it was mostly weird creatures and unusual phenomena, with a dash of conspiracy.


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