Battlestar Galactica: Earth, And Why You Shouldn't Believe The Rumor

By Stephen Cass | October 1, 2008 4:37 pm

CylonOkay, if you’re not caught up on your BSG, stop reading now! I’ll pause for a moment in case your eyes are like mine and tend to skip ahead for a few words anyway…. So, for those of you who have seen the mid season finale, there is a rumor swirling around about the Battlestar Galactica series finale, which boils down to the idea that the radioactive wasteland the cast was bitterly strolling around on was not in fact Earth, i.e. the ball of rock you and I live in, but a different planet that got smashed up in an earlier war. Humans left this Earth Mark I to settle on Earth Mark II, which is as yet unseen in Battlestar, and which is the rock we live on, you and I. Upon hearing this, I just had to get my nerd on.

Unless the BSG writers have decided to do a Star Trek and shred their own continuity, and completely throw science out the window (both of which they’ve been pretty careful not to do so far), I think we can safely say the rumor is bogus because:

a) at the end of the third season, the camera pulls out from the fleet-on-fleet space battle action and zooms in on a ravaged planet with the familiar outlines of Earth’s continents. For the Second Earth theory to hold up, either this planet is Earth Mark II (in which case, why did it look like it had suffered the kind of damage seen on the ground of the putative Earth Mark I), or it’s Earth Mark I (in which case we’re saying that our planet, the putative Mark II, was molded to match the exact continental patterns of the Mark I. Someone’s been reading too much Douglas Adams perhaps? In any case, the kind of civilization that could alter one planet’s continents to look like another’s should have no problem cleaning up even a planet’s worth of pesky radioactive fallout, so why bother moving?)

b) The Earth found by the Colonial-Cylon Alliance is clearly in our neck of the galactic woods, as evidenced by the deliberate insertion of the Orion constellation into the starfield of an earlier episode. Move very far from our location in space, and the geometric arrangement that creates this constellation is destroyed. We also know that habitable planets are few and far between in the Galactica Universe: in all their travels, the rag-tag fleet has only met three. Kobol was Earth-like enough, but New Caprica and the Algae Planet were marginal and really marginal respectively. This makes it unlikely that a planet on which to establish an Earth Mark II could be found right next door to an Earth Mark I, galactically speaking, even if you allow for terraforming.

c) The moon. The Earth seen at the end of season four has a moon that looks just like ours, certainly in terms of size. The moon is even pointed out by characters, so it’s not depicted by accident. Potentially, our moon could be even harder to duplicate than the continents–Earth’s moon is something of a unique feature. No other planet in our solar system has a moon that is so large in proportion to its parent planet. Our moon was formed as the result of a collision with a Mars-sized planetoid billions of years ago. It’s unlikely that another Earth-like planet in another solar system would have a moon that looks just the same size as ours.

d) The landing site of the colonials looks an awful like New York Harbor might after a nuclear war, as the camera looks out from near where the Brooklyn Promenade is today towards downtown Manhattan, complete with remnants of the Brooklyn Bridge. Since many disaster movies have used this location as a backdrop, I can’t think this is coincidence.

So, to the Second Earth theorists, I summon forth every ounce of my nerdhood, lo, from the uttermost reaches of my soul, and I say to you (and you will understand): Worst. Rumor. Ever.

In the interest of fair play, let me put out my theory for ridicule. Based purely on the on-screen action (I’m as adverse to spoilers as anyone), my guess is that sometime in our future, on this Earth, there’s an apocalypse. Survivors flee, not to an unseen Earth II, but to Kobol. Then there’s another apocalypse on Kobol (which relates to my idea that the colonials are themselves descended from rebellious Cylon-style entities), which in turn forces the colonials the settle the Colonies. Whereupon they get hit with yet another apocalypse, which is where the show comes in. This fits in nicely with the Cylon mantra of “All of this has happened before.”


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  1. Bernardo

    Hmm… when I went back to look at the planet that the fleet pulls up to, there is not a clear shot of the continents on that planet (a big difference from the season three ending). So, I actually can see the possibility that there is something afoot.

  2. Bernardo

    Um, on other thing. Kara shows pictures with the moon etc…but I don’t recall when they actually arrive to the planet via FTL that there is any conversation about a moon when they actually arrive. I may be wrong but I do not recall seeing a moon or anything else in those last 15 minutes of that episode, outside of the planet and a bit of sun.

    Regarding finding another earth-like planet in the same galactic neighborhood, and it being unlikely, you don’t know anything further about the coordinates of the planet outside of some meager information that denotes nothing of scale or visual evidence (again based on the hour of the episode and especially the last few minutes).

    Point D, I agree with in terms of what my mind clued in on… however, if you look again, it could very well not be. The bridge remnants look out of scale and… well, nothing truly discernible. I think it may be a visual trick to make us think that way. And, for the very reason that you think that because this vantage point has been used in many a movie, I think that is all the reason why it may not be … again, a visual trick to catch our eye.

    Perhaps this was a settlement separate from the actual Earth? In the same way that New Caprica could still have some survivors, perhaps some of the 13th tribe stayed on this planet temporarily or remained while others left.

    This is BSG and nothing is ever handed to us easily. Keep that in mind!

  3. Jay

    That, and RDM has made us a promise that went something like “oh, this is Earth”. Then again, this is the man who could promise us just about anything to make our happy fangirl and fanboy minds even happier for the time being, so who really knows.

    I do think that they’re indeed standing on Earth. ANOTHER Earth? I mean, what for? Like you said, if the original 13th Tribe had the technology to terraform, then surely they wouldn’t have needed to make a whole other planet in itself.

    I have many ideas on the direction of 4.5, but it boils down to two possible theories.
    1) This is Earth from a different time (and therefore, time travel of some kind will be ‘re-introduced’ into the series; think Home pt. 2 for instance–Earth at a different time). This could be interesting because, it could become ‘omg, this is what we’re going to do to ourselves AGAIN if we don’t really work on this cycle thing–we need to save Earth’.
    2) the people will return to Kobol in some turn of events, but the Final Five Cylons will remain on Earth…or something, thus REALLY fulfilling the “all this has happened before…” prophecy, because Kobol is where life supposedly began.

    *feels nerdy*

  4. @Bernardo

    Re: the Kara pictures — I think that if, upon arrival, there wasn’t a moon that matched Kara’s images, this would have been remarked upon, not least by Kara herself, who would be shouting at anyone who would listen that this wasn’t the planet she visited, instead of just wandering around being as devastated as everyone else. I think though I might take another look at the planet from orbit and see if I can produce a screenshot that matches a coastline to an Earth continent.

  5. Anastashia

    You need to get over to the BSG forum, you’ve got about a month’s reading to do.

  6. Dave

    First off the Earth at the end of season three looked perfect. It did not look “nuked”.

    Also lots of planets have moons. They are quite common, so all because this one has a moon doesn’t mean much.

    The scene at the end of season four looked like alot of cities, but there is nothing that you can say for sure is any real monument or landmark.

    Your best point is it is doubtful they would find another similar Earth so close to the one at the end of s4. You make a good point, but who’s to say our Earth is that close to that Earth? Until we know the details this point may not hold water.

    In the end, none of your arguments disprove anything.

  7. it IS earth…

    everyone is on MARS!
    as far as i saw they just jumped in to be close to earth orbit… not done any serious scans of the system… so i imagine they could have quite easily missed mars colonies…. especially if the planet is NOT terraformed..

    now we know from the temple on kobol with the holographic tech that they are prolly in some ways more advanced than the colonials and maybe even the cylons.. so i dont expect a teraformed mars… but prolly big domed and underground cities..

    now to link back to stephens theory – i do like the colonials and cylons being the survivors of some earlier apocalypse… on earth and then kobol..

    so when they eventually find the mars colonies – the survivors living there from the ancient apocalypse on earth i can imagine have stories and legends about what happened thousands of years ago..

    and totally FEAR the approaching colonial/cylon fleet..

    the rag tag fleet having nowhere else at all to go ask for asylum on mars… but the mars colonists are terrified about the return of these beings from ancient legend – refuse – and galactica and everyone have to fight them for somewhere to live..

    all of this has happened before all of it will happen again!

    yeh i remember the old series when the galactica first finds TERRA – thinkin that is earth but its just a colony…
    and also the whole refugee thing in reality with countries refusing boat loads of refugees from war torn countries and stuff
    now what would it be like to see that kind of story from the refugee’s point of view? arriving at a new land only to be refused entry etc… we generally see the people who are in that kind of situation as poor and pretty much un educated… now what if the refugees were the ppl on the galactica and in the fleet…

    i’d love to see somethin like that – galactica hasnt been shy to delve into sensitive areas before..

    but i am sure the writers wont let us all down :)

  8. davakins

    What about the prophecy concerning the dying leader (Roslin) never setting foot on earth, hmm?
    I keep telling people this, that is, people who aren’t paying attention. RDM has thrown some wild pitches, but I think that he will stick to canon on this one.

  9. Nixorbo

    1. Dying leader isn’t supposed to step foot on earth
    2. NOT the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge has two arches, the Galactica bridge in question only has one
    3. Kobol ruins were way older than “Earth” ruins
    4. There is precedent within the original Galactica plot, which the current show does pay lip service to – Terra, as has been mentioned before.
    5. Crossroads Earth looked like it was in pretty good shape to me.

  10. Mortimer Gray

    Well, first of all, the rumor going around is a bit more specific: Aaron Douglas said that AFTER the war on Kobol, the humans went to the Colonies while the remaining Original Cylons (a.k.a. Kobol’s Gods) left for Earth, which is actually the Cylon homeworld. This is surprising, of course, because Earth *is* one of the Colonies, and, as Douglas went on to say, the Original Cylons destroyed Earth in yet another war, not long after their arrival. In the aftermath, a small number of these Original Cylons (the Final Five) decided that they needed to learn more about the cycle of time (specifically: why do we always kill each other?). The Five left Earth, found the Colonists, and altered their memories in order to blend in with Colonial society. Much later, when the Colonial Fleet neared Earth, the proximity “activated” some of the hidden memories of the Final Five.

    (As an aside, I’d like to insert some speculation into my above paraphrasing of Douglas’ revelations: I’m guessing that one of the Final Five – inadvertently or on purpose – used some of their old knowledge to help the humans create the “new” Cylons. This was probably the Fifth, and he or she probably did what they did on purpose.)

    Now, Douglas was a bit vague as to whether the “first” Earth was “our” Earth, though he *did* say that the Earth which the Rag Tag Fleet has long sought is *not* the Earth discovered at the end of 4.0. In other words, the Earth in the prophecies is still out there.


    Here’s my guess:

    Given that Ron Moore has beaten us over the head with “all this has happened before…and will happen again”, I’m going to posit that the Original Cylons were created on the Earth we see at the end of 4.0, and left the planet (perhaps… because of a war with their creators…) in order to settle on another world, which we know as Kobol. Then the Original Cylons created life, and we know from BSG mythology that this didn’t turn out well. So when the Original Cylons/Gods left Kobol (probably disheartened that their experiment in godhood failed), the “humans” left for what would become the Colonies. But there couldn’t have been too much bad blood, because the polytheistic religion of the Colonists survived. And let’s not forget that one of the colonies just happened to be Earth. The Home of the Gods was probably the stuff of legend and an enticing draw for some colonists. But since the Original Cylons left for Earth at the same time – which is not (in the show, anyway) noted in Colonial scripture – we have to consider that some historical details were lost to the 12 colonies as time passed. And since we know that the Final Five are favorably featured in Colonial scripture, perhaps some chosen humans accompanied the Original Cylons to Earth…emphasis on “chosen” (BSG has always been good about commenting on religious themes, and Earth has clearly become a Promised Land to the 12 colonies).

    What exactly happened when the humans and the Original Cylons reached Earth is something I haven’t been able to fully articulate just yet, but I’m guessing that the Original Cylons – especially given the failed Kobol experiment – sought to make amends with their creators. Well, we know how well things went when the New Cylons – the Seven – tried to “reconcile” with their creators. Things never work out, and they usually go boom in the end. Something bad happened on Earth a long time ago, and it was enough to send the Final Five to the Colonies on a ‘fact-finding mission’. Which brings us back to the start, with Aaron Douglas’ “revelation” (if it is to be trusted).

    We already know that at some point, somehow, the Seven learned enough about the Original Cylons to know that those Original Cylons existed. Also, recall what Athena said in the second season: “We know more about your religion than you do.” For whatever reason, whatever the Seven learned was dangerous and eventually forbidden (perhaps Brother Cavil has an insight into that…), though clearly enough of that knowledge remains that they know some things that the Colonists don’t know. I think that the ‘forbidden knowledge’ concerns some of the truth of the Seven’s human creators, and their creators creators, and… This goes a long way toward explaining why the Seven decided to find Earth in the third season. Earth isn’t just a promised land for the Colonists (who worship a pantheon of Gods whose remnants number only in a Final Five); it’s a promised land for the Seven (who have a place of honor for the Final Five, as well).

    Now here’s where I’m going to rely on another rumor that’s going around: there’s internet scuttlebutt that the Original Cylon name for Earth/the Cylon Homeworld is – surprise – Cylon. Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps Kobol – the Promised Land of the Original Cylons – had its own original name: Earth. Am I saying that Kobol is Earth? No, actually. Instead, I propose that “Earth” is a name for a concept, and that concept is: Home. Kobol was a new Earth for the Original Cylons. Then the humans learned that Cylon was the Earth of their Gods. And eventually, as time passed, the humans just referred to that planet as Earth; after all, as the Home of the Gods, it was their home, too. It was The Home.

    Now, the Seven, the Colonists, and the Five need to find a new Home. They need to find a new Earth. This is the prophesied home which the Dying Leader will not live to see.

    Now if I could just explain Starbuck, Head Leoben, Head Baltar, Head Six, and all that other One God stuff. Something tells me that the truth behind all of that will be the BIG revelations of the BSG universe. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it somehow involves the creators of the Original Cylons. Someone, or something, is pulling some pretty big strings…..

  11. Genji

    1. The ‘dying leader’ won’t live to reach “the promised land”. The Scrolls saying nothing about Earth. It was Elosha who linked the two. Earth may not be the promised land.

    2. Serious devastation that has reduced skyscrapers to mounds in the ground can easily knock out half the Brooklyn Bridge, duh.

    3. Kobol is way older than Earth, and the original Cylons came from Kobol.

    4. TOS sucked.

    5. If Kara’s six hours = Galactica’s two months, who knows when she visited ‘Earth’.

    That said, I doubt Revelations did show us our Earth, but not for any of these reasons.

  12. Turlough

    About terraforming and habitable planets (Stephen’s point B)… what about the 12 colonies themselves? Were there really 12 nicely habitable worlds very close to each other? Or were they terraformed?

  13. JPM

    What I’ve never understood – and I mean this in two ways, which I’ll both explain – is this whole ‘they fled from planet X to planet Y’ notion.

    I mean it first in the sense of plausibility:
    – if the current state of colonial technology is ‘accurate’, then it’s crazy to think that their far back anecestors would have the ability to ‘flee’ anywhere – they should have been driving around in ox-carts.
    – from another perspective: if the ancestral state of colonial technology (e.g. on Kobol) was as advanced as it would have to be in order for them to have fled in spaceships, then it makes no sense that the colonials have advanced so little technologically.

    In the second sense:
    – Why doesn’t this fact(s) get raised more often? For all its emphasis on continuity and plausability, this has always struck me as a gaping hole in Galactica’s backstory.

    All this applies even more so to the theory the blog author proffers: think about the time spans you are talking about, and what the implications would be if such far back ancestors had the ability to flee the planet (any planet) in intergalactic – or even interplanetary – spaceships. That scenario would make the present depiction of colonial technology level completely out of wack.

  14. @JPM

    I can imagine scenarios where a colonial scenario might involve a technological regression — take New Caprica. New Caprica was pretty low tech, with most people living in tents. If the Cylon occupation hadn’t happened it still might have been decades (at the very least) before a single new space ship was built. Even if you have all the knowledge of the parent civilization, that’s still a long way from having the raw materials and the industrial base needed to turn knowledge into technology, not to mention the engineering culture needed. For example, right here on Earth we have (contrary to urban legend) the detailed blueprints for the Saturn V rockets: the real reason we’d find it very tough to build another one in the morning from those blueprints is because all the custom-built jigs and other manufacturing equipment that was put together in the 1960s is long gone and that is the stuff we don’t have plans for.

  15. Robert

    My take is very much like the blog author’s post. Here goes. Man evolved on (our) Earth, built machines, machines rebelled and destroyed it. Man flees to Kobol, built machines, machines rebelled and destroyed it. Man flees to the 12 colonies, built machines, machines rebelled and destroyed it. Man flees to Earth…..

    The final 5 cylons are remnants of the previous civilizations.

  16. WindsorShadow

    Dosen’t any one have any speculations on WHO the final cylon is??

  17. I think your theory makes a great deal of sense, especially in keeping with the “this has all happened before…” mantra. Did you see that Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) supposedly spilled a major spoiler in an interview? I won’t post the details here out of fairness for anyone who doesn’t appreciate spoilers, but it can easily be located by checking the current Google Newsfeed for BSG.

    In keeping with the cyclical nature of life and the universe, I think it would only be fitting for it to turn out that cylon created man created cylon created man until the cycle folded in on itself.

  18. you

    “Our moon was formed as the result of a collision with a Mars-sized planetoid billions of years ago. ” Is a theory,The Ejected Ring Theory.It is one of many.And probably one of the least credible.
    Lol,you make sure not to assume your right about fiction but then speak theory as fact…..

  19. The ‘Two Earths’ theory isn’t a theory. It is a spoiler mentioned in two separate interviews by one of the actors on the show, apparently under the impression that the last episode to air of Season 4.0 was episode 11, Sometimes a Great Notion, rather than 410, Revelations. From the sound of it the ending of 410 wasn’t meant to be the cliffhanger, but the next episode was. So from that POV, the whole ‘cop-out’ thing wouldn’t have come up. We were supposed to find out the following week that it wasn’t the real Earth. The cliffhanger was supposed to be the revelation of the Final Cylon (which apparently has now been moved one or two episodes further back). The problem only arose when the SFC decided to split Season 4 into two equal halves and Revelations became the cliffhanger. My guess is that the revelation that this wasn’t the real Earth may very well have come from perhaps anomalies in the star patterns that weren’t visible at first.

    I’ll say that I hate the idea. I think it’s lame beyond belief. Unfortunately, unless Aaron Douglas was taking the mick (and he has before), it appears to be the truth, and may damage the overall credibility of the show.

    Is it possible to make the idea fly? The star patterns shown in the Tomb of Athena in Home, Part 2 weren’t exactly right. Some of the stars were in slightly wrong positions, and we didn’t see all of the constellations. The others may have been in very incorrect positions. The appearance of Orion is irrelevant: that just shows that where the basestars fought one another was close to Orion as seen on a line-of-sight from Earth. Since Orion isn’t in the Zodiac, it’s not one of the star patterns the Colonials are looking for.

    Conceivably, the ‘fake Earth’ could be at Tau Ceti or Epsilon Eridani, that is within 15 light-years of the ‘real Earth’. At that distance the constellations would broadly be similar, but with some significant variables. The absence of the Moon is even easier to explain: only Starbuck saw it, and her visions don’t have much credence with Roslin and co. The absence would tell US that it wasn’t the real Earth, but not the characters. And yes, Earth’s Moon is very distinctive for the reasons that Isaac Asimov gives at extreme length in his novel, Foundation and Earth. It is very unlikely another terrastial planet would have a moon of similar size and appearance in orbit.

    I think the biggest clue that this isn’t the real Earth is that after showing us North America very clearly in the Season 3 finale, they didn’t show us any distinctive landforms in Revelations, and seemed to go out of their way not to show us anything that could be construed as such, which to me goes a long way to confirming the spoiler. It would be lame and I hope it’s disinformation, but they have done enough to make it conceivable that this wasn’t the real deal.

  20. @WindsorShadow
    There is a BSG promo picture refered to as “The Last Supper.” The picture has several hidden messages as well as a clue to the Last Cylon, who may be missing from the photo.

    The 3’s hand and the opening between Tigh and Lee suggest to me:
    -The Last Cylon is in the fleet, has been to but may not be on Galactica.

    Making a list of character that have been able to work with Cylon Tech:
    -Dee had access to the bridge, the origin of the Pilot Ep’s beacon was never explained and this character is a fit for the pictures opening having 3 touching her temple.
    -Bulldog was able to fly a Raider, fit in the photo 3’s had would be on his shoulder.

    The Last Supper photo also contained “666” in several different patterns suggesting if all the faces were together, a cataclism would occur.
    About Destroyed Earth: Did you guys consider that somethings in both “The Plan” and “The Scrolls” have not been properly processed. To start, “The Temple of 5” sticks in my mind as never having had a group of 5 people (or Cylons) stand on the symbols together.

  21. To sate your appetite these many long months until BSG returns:

  22. Wow. I’m surprised that I’m so riled up by this, but most of what you write is way far off. Whatever the real story is, little of what you say makes much sense. Isn’t this a science magazine website? Aren’t you supposed to make accurate observations?

    I mean, the Earth I/II spoiler that Aaron Douglas spilled (it’s not someone’s made up theory – unless Aaron made it up) may or may not be true.

    But as for your “proof”…

    a) End of Season 3 planet is obviously OUR Earth – you can see Florida . There is no other interpretation that’s clear. The end of mid-season 4 planet is near-completely cloud covered. Did you see any obvious landmass outlines that looked obviously like Earth? If you did, you’re the only one.

    b) You (nor I) certainly don’t know a thing about this prior civilization and it’s technological capabilities. It’s SciFi, after all and you don’t have the show notes. And you obviously think terraforming is not a possibility for some reason, since you point to two *naturally occurring* habitable worlds as your example of how crappy all other habitable worlds – terraformed or not – are. Terraforming would be EXACLY the reason a good habitable world could be worked up nearby by an advanced civilization

    c) You say, “The Earth seen at the end of season four has a moon that looks just like ours, certainly in terms of size.” No it doesn’t – there’s a sun, no surprise. But no moon. End of Season *three* planet had a big moon, briefly glimpsed, but that’s because that planet is most likely Earth.

    Then you say, “The moon is even pointed out by characters, so it?s not depicted by accident.” No it most certainly is not pointed out by anyone. What version of “Revelations” did you watch? Kara mentions it back in the beginning of season 4, but that was her memory of “Earth” and there’s no indication in “Revelations” about it being THIS planet.

    d) That’s the only one that has some basic validity. GalacticaSitrep posted a terrific comparison shot. One could argue that BSG took an existing skyline and basically melted it to make a convincing generic ruins (ie, it’s another planet). Or it could really be the Brooklyn bridge.

    Really, was there any point to this post? Just say that either Aaron’s spilling the beans could be accurate or it’s a ploy to throw people off the track.

    But totally saying the opposite of actual factual observations to prove some point… well, why would anyone do that?

  23. cityofdomes

    Sorry I don’t have time to read all preceding posts so if the following is already mentioned, my apologies. Remembering the original series as a kid, the original rag-tag fleet first came across Terra which was about to experience global war. Perhaps our Galactica in the new incarnation has found Terra, albeit too late to stop the war. Don’t remember if the original series mentioned the planet ‘Terra’ in their ancient texts as a split-off from the 13th colony ships on their way to Earth. Perhaps by the end of new season 4 when completed, they may not even reach Earth but merely leave off as the original series did (putting aside Galactica 1980) where they encounter static transmissions of Earth/Moon space shots, ‘Eagle has Landed’ etc – maybe bringing it up to date showing a space shuttle or something – and the crew of the Galactica (as in the original plot) assuming the signals could be ancient (which they could be for all we know). Putting aside all this, you would think that with the technology and resources that they have, despite the Cylon decimation, would be enough for them to seek an area on the ruined ‘earth’ that is less affected, to rejuvenate it, maybe even finding some folks hiding underground in bunkers who could reveal that their world is known as ‘Terra’. Hmmm…

  24. robbie

    I also did not see anything when the ships were approaching, it was a blue planet, but sans and identifiable continents.

    The round robin bit I find hard to believe, if this has happened before…how the hell would the story get buried? Sizzled cities are not torn down and rebuilt and then….forgotten.

    I find it very hard to believe that Kobol and Earth have layer upon layer of destroyed cities on them, and nobody noticed?

    If you can cross interstellar space, you can keep a god damned word processing file of why you went in the first place 😉

  25. robbie

    Sorry wrote too fast! What I’m getting at is if you have hyper drive, you must ahve the capabilities to keep history on a floppy somewhere 😉

  26. Tony

    Some of these theories are beginning to sound a little like Asimov’s Robot and Foundation series.

  27. Peter

    Too bad this topic died… There still isn’t an answer and we’re 2 episodes down the road again :)

    I have 1 more argument why it’s not the real earth.

    If the earth they mean in the series is “our” earth (as it was in the originals) then it should have been impossible for them to dig up a centurions head.

  28. joey




  29. Jake

    @ joey

    calm down. this is just a tv show. no need to yell.

  30. Yeah bye you fail

    Ha you are wrong. Final episode just aired. The rumor was correct. The burned out planet was not our Earth.

  31. Brian

    LOL…funny that the rumor was right….AND that the grand finale turned out to solidify the show into a monotheistic barrel of Creationist Gagh.

    I’m surprised Phil liked this show so much…sure it had supsense and effects, but the overbearing infusion of religiosity as inspiration into the drive of the characters and survivors was not only annoying but depressing as well.

  32. Laurence

    I really enjoyed the ending, but the nerd side of me was screaming at the television. It makes no sense that there’s a ‘clone’ Earth that happens to be habitable. With the same moon, constellations, New York as the first Earth they discovered.

  33. Damon

    Just watched the great Season 4 finale.

    Looks like you were wrong, Phil.

  34. Sapa

    I think that it is dimensional. Both are Earth in different dimensions so it is the same planet in the episodes showing “Earth” planets but in each dimension the direction that the characters take determines the outcome, over and over….. and so on..

    They may be taking leaps in time when they hop and certainly skirting around those black holes which accounts for the Earth planets different developments and outcomes, also depending on choices made by the characters

    .. or perhaps leaping through time results in dimensional shifts as time can logically only go forwards. =}

  35. Sucklord

    Epic fail, your ‘nerd-dom’ is false

  36. Mario

    I wish you had been right, your idea for an ending (either with or without the twist that the Colonials are themselves descended from Cylon-ish beings) sounds better than what they ended up doing.

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