5 Best Science Fiction Movies on Hulu: #1, Gattaca

By Stephen Cass | December 26, 2008 1:00 am

Screenshot from GattacaOur ultimate pick for this week is the only movie to have a DNA sequence for a title: Gattaca. An all-too-believable future has divided the world into the genetic haves and have-nots. One of the have-nots sets out to fulfill his dream of traveling into space, proving that DNA is not your destiny. Ethan Hawke, Jude Law, and Uma Thurman all turn in perfectly calibrated performances in this cautionary tale of man who leases another’s genetic identity.

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Comments (7)

  1. Adam

    I remember watching this movie in 8th grade biology. it had impact then, and made science interesting. totally awesome.

  2. Julie

    I watched this in biology class also. I remember loving this movie and I think I’ll watch it again now on Hulu.

  3. SeanDudeMan

    Don’t remember a whole lot about this movie since the last time I saw it was waaay back in 9th grade, or something, and that was before my interest in the sciences really took off. I do however remember the retards sitting next to me trying to assemble a makeshift bong with a water bottle, pen cap, straw, and rubber-band. Needless to say, their efforts were fruitless, and the teacher caught them (surprise). I’ll need to rent this one and see what I missed.

  4. Very, very good choice as numero uno! This is a brilliant movie, which, given the recent developments along the lines of gene therapy (or genetic doping as it has become labeled), the overall premise of the story has never rung truer.

  5. there is a small group of Chinese also stunned by this movie,it had a quite influence on us and changed my personality.
    to chanllenge and never give up your dream,that s what I learned from this movie and I really apperciate the aesthetic of the making of the movie,it s called Modernism I believe.

  6. As being a 20 some young man,this movie tought us how to bear the tedious life and to change the situation you are in ,endeavour carefully till the success is gainned

  7. Good choice for number 1.

    This movie not only tells an interestingb story that challenges you to think, it actually uses real science.


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