Battlestar Galactica Countdown

By Stephen Cass | March 17, 2009 1:20 pm

David Eick, Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, Ron MooreThe Sci Fi channel became Syfy last night, with a network presentation to the press and advertisers that featured many of the channel’s new and recurring shows — and a screening of the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Emblematic of BSG‘s traditional secrecy, Ron Moore led the screening audience through an oath not to reveal any spoilers about the last episode (backed up by NBC Universal reps making us sign little bits of paper to the same effect) so I can’t reveal anything about what to expect beyond a promise that it’s a wild ride that’s going to spark a lot of discussion. Check back with Science Not Fiction on Friday after the finale airs, and we’ll have excerpts from the Q&A that followed, featuring producers Moore and David Eick, as well leading cast members Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos, where we get some more answers about the deep background of the show. We’ll also have an interview with Kevin Grazier, BSG’s science advisor, about some of the science behind the rag tag fleet’s search for home.

If you can’t wait until Friday, come back tomorrow for coverage of tonight’s panel discussion at the United Nations, where the Battlestar crew will be joined by high level UN representatives to talk about the show’s take on human rights, terrorism, and reconciliation.

In other news, Eureka is still on track to return to our screens this summer, and the next season of Sanctuary is getting stuck into production this Monday. I’m also looking forward to Warehouse 13, which is set to premiere this summer and looks like a lot of fun.


Comments (8)

  1. jphysics

    But when is Eureka returning? When?

  2. Egaeus

    Syfy? They can’t be serious… I can’t wait for this brave new world of imagination-based entertainment. I wonder if it will be as vacuous as the phrase “imagination-based entertainment.”

  3. Kurt

    I get it and all, it’s very clever, I guess. But, I look at SYFY and think “Siffie” not “Sci Fi”.

  4. Destiny

    *delurks a moment* jphysics – according to writer Charlie Craig, Eureka is scheduled to return July 10th.

  5. vel

    considering that “Syfy” seems to find that monster movies with scantily clad females on them are science fiction and that ever more of those should be made, I applaud the name change. A nonsense name for a nonsense channel.


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