SciNoFi Blog Roundup – Superheroes, Aliens, UFO's & Robots

By Sam Lowry | June 5, 2009 3:12 pm

Superheroes, they’re just like us! [via Hero Complex]

Meta-conspiracy: Does the government want you to believe in UFO’s? [via Futurismic]

Real-life Terminator robots here, here and here.  [via Technovelgy]

Video of low-altitude flight over the lunar surface by the Japanese KAGUYA explorer [via Pink Tentacle]

Recently released scenes of the upcoming remake of V combine two of our favorite things: creepy aliens and Party of Five! [via thrfeed]

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  1. Harry

    THIS IS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAY BE READING THIS. Stop believing in extraterrestrail
    beings from other planets which do not exist, and start believing in God who does exist.
    Believing on and trusting in God’s only Begotten Son the Lord Jesus Christ, thereby
    becoming a spiritually born again Christian, is the only thing that can save your soul from
    an eternity in Hell…The “cardboard charactor” idea of so called “extraterrestrail beings
    cannot even save themselves from nonexistance, much less your soul from Hell some day.
    The very idea of such “utterly stupid” beings from other planets does not even make sense
    as planets, other than our Earth, do not have the conditions to support life of any kind thus
    making them possible. Extraterrestrails might make good script material for science fiction
    movies and paper back novels, other than that, they’re only meaningless “cardboard
    charactors”. I’m sure it’s obvious to you by now I do not believe in that UFO and beings
    from other planets garbage. If I was naïve enough to believe it, do you suppose I would
    have no fear of posting what I am saying about them on a blogsite that is read worldwide
    with the possibility of some advanced civilization finding out who was responsible for the
    remarks contained in this comment? IN THEIR FACE! There…You see? I don’t believe in
    that junk. They are ALL stupid, nonexistent, cardboard charactors. And yes, I said it, and
    I reserve no arrogant attitude in how I say it. However, I will tell you one thing I do fully
    believe in, and with all respect…That is everything contained in the King James version
    of the Holy Bible. THAT IS WHAT’S REAL. And God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are
    real. And if you ever leave this life never accepting God’s Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ,
    you are surely bound for Hell where you might see some abominations that look like
    extratrrestrails. But I’m almost sure Hell’s the only place you’ll see ‘em.

  2. Ema

    I found a website with lots of weird photos of UfOs, aliens and crop circles from google earth!
    if you are interested visite

    I hope you enjoy

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