Proof that female ejaculation is just pee.

By Seriously Science | January 12, 2015 6:00 am


Up until now, the scientific literature was pretty much as divided as the internet on whether the large amount of fluid emitted from women upon orgasm represents “real” female ejaculate, or whether it is simply urine (there is a remarkably large body of literature on this topic, both scientific and trashy, and everywhere in between). Previous experiments have focused on determining the liquid’s chemical makeup, finding it to be chemically identical to urine, but these studies ignored the physical source of the copious fluid. Here, the researchers take it one step further by performing ultrasounds before and after ejaculation, as well as testing the biochemical properties of the liquid. It turns out that not only is it chemically identical to urine, but the bladder empties during the period of ejaculation coinciding with orgasm. So there you have it: it’s probably just pee after all!

Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality.

“INTRODUCTION: During sexual stimulation, some women report the discharge of a noticeable amount of fluid from the urethra, a phenomenon also called “squirting.”

To date, both the nature and the origin of squirting remain controversial. In this investigation, we not only analyzed the biochemical nature of the emitted fluid, but also explored the presence of any pelvic liquid collection that could result from sexual arousal and explain a massive fluid emission.

METHODS: Seven women, without gynecologic abnormalities and who reported recurrent and massive fluid emission during sexual stimulation, underwent provoked sexual arousal. Pelvic ultrasound scans were performed after voluntary urination (US1), and during sexual stimulation just before (US2) and after (US3) squirting. Urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) concentrations were assessed in urinary samples before sexual stimulation (BSU) and after squirting (ASU), and squirting sample itself (S).

RESULTS: In all participants, US1 confirmed thorough bladder emptiness. After a variable time of sexual excitation, US2 (just before squirting) showed noticeable bladder filling, and US3 (just after squirting) demonstrated that the bladder had been emptied again. Biochemical analysis of BSU, S, and ASU showed comparable urea, creatinine, and uric acid concentrations in all participants. Yet, whereas PSA was not detected in BSU in six out of seven participants, this antigen was present in S and ASU in five out of seven participants.

CONCLUSIONS: The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.”

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  • Bexdawn

    This study quite categorically differentiates between female ejaculate (a small amount of fluid which contains PSA from the Skene’s gland) and ‘squirt’ (up to a cup of fluid from the bladder). This study says NOTHING about female ejaculate or its composition, so no, this is not proof that ‘female ejaculation is just pee’.

    • Johnny


    • Michael Kovari

      Well done Bex, we need to keep up the quality of these blogs.

    • Nick

      I’ve taken A&P and me, along with my classmates and teacher, agreed that no such gland exists that would secrete this so-called “female ejaculate.” Skene’s secretes urine…

      • Bexdawn

        I quite simply pointed out that this article completely misinterprets the study. The presence of this gland is still hotly debated in the forefront of research, so maybe you need to present a more evidence based argument than ‘my teacher says you’re wrong’.

        • Nick

          How exactly does the article misinterpret the information? The presence of this gland is not debated, we all know it exists! And my teacher is a DOCTOR, just like those who conducted this experiment and wrote this primary literature. I’m stating facts, you’re stating fiction. Maybe you should be QUITE stunned that you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re writing a bunch of words without saying anything at all.

          • Nathan Gamble

            If you had a decent understanding of logic, science and how they work you wouldn’t be making an argument from authority.

            There are multiple studies, many of which have representative sample sizes, which indicate that Bexdawn is correct about the difference between female ejaculate and urine.

            You are right that the existence of the glands is known to be true, though.

          • locohammerhead

            I would love to see those studies since my search for chemical compesition of squirt just brought up data on how it’s pee.

          • Nathan Gamble

            Female ejaculate contains chemicals which aren’t in pee. Even the study that this article is about shows that.

          • michael s

            So because a cup of urine has a few drops of chemicals not normally in urine then that cup isn’t urine anymore? Grow up and stop excusing the fact you’re getting pissed on!

          • Nathan Gamble

            I didn’t say there wasn’t any piss there too. The fact that there are things in it that aren’t in piss means it’s not JUST piss.

          • Lee Freedom

            Bullshit.. Get your facts straight.. Life

          • Michelle Aldis

            There is urea in seminal fluid too. So I guess your father pissed in your mother and that’s where you came from.

          • michael s

            No michelle because as i previously stated, a minute amount of something in something else does not change it!

          • Michelle Aldis

            Female ejaculate is not “just pee” if that were the case females would be able to pee when aroused, but they can’t. If your female partner is peeing on you then she isn’t aroused at all, which means you are terrible in bed. Women have glands that produce the fluid, just like men. The difference is that women produce ova, not sperm. Did you expect to find sperm in female ejaculate?

          • michael s

            Secret glands to make a cup full of liquid that isn’t urine? There’s no secret bladder alright. A teaspoon of female ejaculate mixed with a cup of urine doesnt mean it’s no longer urine does it!?

          • michael s

            If i put a drop of lemonade in a cup of water could you claim that it is no longer water and now it’s lemonade? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?

          • Michelle Aldis

            Actually michael s, putting lemon juice in water actually is how you make lemonade. As ridiculous as that sounds.

          • michael s

            I didn’t say lemon juice…actually!

          • Michelle Aldis

            Of course you call it something different if you put something different in there. If you don’t call it lemonade what do you call it? Plain water? Water with sugar and lemon is called lemonade. We agree on this as a species and you are wrong.

            Sperm doesn’t make your ejaculate special enough? Poor triggered insecure wittle man.

          • michael s

            You’re here desperately trying to convince men that a cupful of piss with a couple of drops of other stuff is no longer piss and you’re saying I’m the one that’s triggered! Ha ha ha!!! 🤣🤣🤣

          • Michelle Aldis

            We’re in total agreement I think michael. Your father pissed in your mother. No more than 1% of a man’s ejaculate can be sperm, all the way down to zero if he’s infertile or has had a vasectomy. You certainly don’t believe less than 1% sperm makes male ejaculate something special. Whatever the differences between piss and semen, they aren’t different enough to you for you to consider semen a separate thing. Enjoy pissing the couch in your mother’s basement several times a day. I’m not judging.

          • michael s

            You think male ejaculate is made of urine? Yeah that’s where i back out of the conversation because you’re clearly a loon.

          • Lucien Bouchard

            He said a drop. He has a valid point. Science wins. You lose.

          • Michelle Aldis

            Of course science wins. Unfortunately this isn’t very scientific. The study is of a handful of women who report MASSIVE emissions. It isn’t science to extrapolate the results to all female ejaculation. This magazine is not a scientific journal it’s clickbait for morons who wouldn’t know science or a woman if either fell out of the sky and broke your nose on the way down. *curtsy*

          • Damagix57

            a drop of lemon juice into a cup of water does make it lemonade. Prove me wrong.

          • DM

            you REALLY think women cannot pee when they are aroused? Are you listening to yourself? Thats like saying that motorcars cannot move when the glove compartment is open

          • Veronica Monet

            Maybe if you knew more about women’s bodies and less about cars? Men have trouble peeing when erect. So do women. But you probably don’t know that women get erections either, huh? LOL

          • DM

            Congratulations – that is officialy the dumbest trolling attempt i have read today. Neither have men problems peeing with boners nor do women get erections – the slight stiffening of the clitoris can hardly be called that. Now get back to snapchat or whatever it is you kids do nowaday.

          • Veronica Monet

            As for “girl boners” you first need to understand that most of the clitoris is located inside the female body. You can’t see the erection but it most definitely occurs. Here are photos of a clitoris during an erection.

          • Dillon Koch

            So which is it pee or cum.because it smells like pee. But right before that it’s a lot of moaning. And after its weak legs and shaking. But my bed and couch are coverered. And on a side note my cat marked a spot on the couch were she squirted to.thats another reason I believe it to be pee.

          • DM

            The amount of urea in seminal fluid is rather small, it is not possible to compare apples and carrot cakes. Yet, the amount of urea in the magical stuff squirtjuice is made of is rather large, in fact its pretty much identical to pee. Traces of stuff like secretions from the skenes gland do not matter. This is science, your opinions and internet forum wisdom do not check out. Sorry, you are losing control of your bladder during intercourse. So you are into piss now …. so what? A lot of people are, its not a bad thing. Stop ignoring it and you may have a better sexlife yet

          • Ted Webster

            I have watched a documentary where they had a woman pee. Then had the same woman ejaculate as she put it about her self a “real squirter”. Then ran those through tests…. Different chemical make up. Not Pee.

          • Bill L

            What was the chemical?
            I call BS

          • Michelle Aldis

            I swear stupid men like Bill are still convinced women pee out their butts.

          • Lucien Bouchard

            Regardless of its make up it comes from the bladder. Anyways i tasted both from women. They taste similar but the squirt was more diluted and less salty. Still tasted like pee though. Not as strong is all.

      • Catherine

        Nick, you are wrong.
        Read my entry.
        Men telling me what my body is doing, makes me livid.
        My DNA is all over my house and it is NOT urine. I am laughing at how wrong that is.
        If that were true, even a little, my lovely home would smell like a homeless shelter bathroom.
        My home smells sugar vanilla delicious.

        • Veronica Monet

          Sugar Vanilla Delicious! I love that. And I agree. Most of us know what a urinal or wet diaper smells like. This most certainly has nothing in common with either.

          • Lucien Bouchard

            Still comes from the bladder. It is more diluted as ive tasted both from a woman lol.

        • Boyco Ttgooogle

          Get tested for diabetes. Seriously.

        • Ryan mann

          Smell your pee sweet hearts

        • Kasandra Edson

          You’re house is covered in your post ejaculate liquid? damn.

        • Bill L

          So no man can debate with you and you are right no mater of the
          evidence? Your DNA is all over your house? What the hell are you doing?
          BTW it’s urine. There are minute amounts of blood, white blood cells, etc in urine.
          Bladder was full before the test and it’s empty after and it tests as urine but you still deny those facts?

    • John

      Yeah, its important to be clear about our terms. And yes, this research doesn’t prove that there is no *other* form of female ejaculation.

      However, most people who argue that ‘female ejaculation isn’t pee’ are actually talk about the ‘squirt’. A lot of people think the pee squirt is ejaculate.

      And they are wrong. The squirt is pee.

      • Veronica Monet

        Unfortunately you are not taking into consideration retrograde ejaculation where the fluid produced in the female prostrate is stored in the bladder for ejaculation. This is also something these particular researchers failed to take into consideration. But fortunately, they are just one set of researchers. There is plenty of research which negates their conclusions. Please understand that there is a huge difference between “study results” and “study conclusions.”

        • John

          Most women who squirt when they orgasm are squirting pee – entirely pee or mostly pee. I’d wager there are exceptions.

          Most people who want to believe otherwise just want to live in denial. Sometimes its a matter of shame, which is unfortunate. There is no reason to be ashamed of peeing upon orgasm.

          • Maxim Beilinson

            totally agree

          • Ricardo Talhadas

            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about my friend.
            Have you ever smelled stale urine in an enclosed space before? That smell will clear out a room full of people instantly, it’s a terribly pungent smell.
            My current girlfriend is a squirter and believe me, it goes everywhere and is impossible to clean it all up.
            We have sex almost daily and the amount of fluid she secrets is ridiculous, yet it leaves no smell, leaves no stain, it’s translucent, has a completely different consistency to urine and surprise surprise it tastes slightly sweet. I’ve never tasted urine myself but taking 5 minutes to do some research on google will show that in most cases urine has a salty taste.
            I’ve had 3 sexual partners so far that were squirters and not of them ever tasted salty, always sweet.
            After we have sex our bed is literally soaked but after it dries there is absolutely no odor left behind, that would not happen if it was urine she was secreting.
            Maybe before people comment about stuff they know nothing about, they should learn how to please a woman and see the difference between the two fluids for themselves.

          • John

            You have absolutely no idea the many ways you have failed to reason about the limited evidence you have, and despite your claim I am definitely not friends with you.

            I’m sorry that it offends you to learn that your girlfriends are not controlling their bladders during sex, but really – its not anything to be ashamed of.

      • Zehra Rehan

        You mean to say that squirt is urine? We passes the urine during sex which we think that ejaculates?? I always had a sex and never ejaculates .. i dont know how to discharge my self … can u tell me what is that actually??

        • TinyLikeADormouse

          There is a lot of study and discussion about it. Which of course is important for scientific reasons.
          In the bedroom it doesn’t really matter what it is though. Just enjoy your sexual experiences, if it feels good its good.
          As for doing it, I think it requires heavy g-spot combined with clitoral stimulation. But you’d be better off doing a search for ideas. I’ve never been into it myself.

    • Shag

      Considering only 13% of women squirt at some point and only 6% will repeat that again 7 is an extremely poor sample size.
      From my own experience and talking with others ( both male and female) it is not urine although at times urine can escape under intense pressure. It comes from another location other than the urethra, lower and from both sides. The skines and bartholin glands. It is clear and slippery and I have been told tastes nothing like urine.

      • Veronica Monet

        Yes! The Skene’s glands or female prostate has a myriad of ducts which empty into the urethra as well as outside of the urethra to the left and right of it. Frank Netter MD has created some fabulous medical anatomy charts showing where the ejaculate exits the female body. Some of it exits the urethra but some of the ejaculate exits through the ducts on either side of the urethra.

        • Catherine

          Yes, thank you! Well said. Mine is thru ducts on both sides. I can see it!It swells up like 2 lips sometimes, bcuz I’m so blessed and it goes on forever…. :)

        • John Morris

          News to me. News to a lot of doctors as well. . .. from the from the bladder to the urethral opening there’s nothing along the way. Are some doctors now claiming that there are glands that empty fluid out of the female urethral opening. Has this been medically proven (like the G Spot was) or is this just some doctor’s hypothesis? Can you refer me to a modern medical book that has this information in it? Because this would change our complete understanding of female anatomy. it would be on the front cover of every scientific and medical magazine except it isn’t. If you could send me the links for this information I would be very grateful. Yes these glands glands exist and they are where you say they are – no argument there. But weather they dump loads of fluid out of the urethral opening like a water fountain is debatable.
          But heh, who knows? Maybe you are right. Always glad to be educated and informed thank you.

      • Dan Meyers

        That is correct. I have seen up to 1/2 cup released and it tastes absolutely nothing like urine. It is like water but slightly thicker with almost no taste.

      • Catherine

        Laughing, yes, it tastes nothing like urine…
        but those percentages are crazy. you can’t prove a % of women have the ability to squirt – how would you know? LOL, and how many will repeat? I can’t stop laughing…
        Sure, most won’t tell I’m guessing.
        As you may read in my entry, I am not most. And I’m proud to speak up for ladies who are more shy.
        You want the truth? I personally feel almost all women possess the ability to squirt. They just don’t know it. And simply have not had a sexual partner tap into their needs. Mine? He was a masculine & confident lover who did one special thing differently and bam, The Hoover Dam.
        This is all so stupid. I am going to write a book and tell the truth.

        • Michael Muirhead

          All women can squirt from my knowledge not one has not I wont post the amount of women but considering all have squirted I can deffinatley say it is not pee.

          As had many lasses pee in a cup then squirt taste smell colour is very diffrent how can yellow pee and clear squirt in same style cup be thhe same someone explain tythis also one was indenticle so yeah that one i believe was piss pure and simple.

          But I know the art of cunninglinguist which may help me a lot .

      • Jenny Moore

        Thank you, Shag!! Since when has SEVEN ever been considered a reliable sample size for a scientific study?!? This “study” is a joke and people are taking the results as a definative case closed on this matter. Clearly, there are enough people here (and elsewhere) who have had very different results than what this EXPERIMENT found that it is reasonable to conclude that scientist need to do additional research on this matter.

  • Veronica Monet

    Sample size of seven is NOT statistically significant by any scientific standard and there have long been theories that the female prostate is emptying into the bladder during arousal. Anyone who has encountered the copious amounts of clear fluid some women squirt, knows it does NOT resemble what those same women pee into the toilet. The smell, taste and even feel is entirely different – often tinged with a musky order and never adulterated with the smell of ammonia unless she failed to empty her bladder before sex. Further this “research” doesn’t even ask the obvious question: where is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) coming from and how did it get into the bladder? Answer: female prostate. And if these “researchers” had done their homework they would have at least entertained that possibility before drawing their irresponsible conclusions.

    • Nick

      Veronica, you’re just upset to find out that you’re into peeing on your partners during sex. Sorry bro

      • simonpjlduckett


      • Al

        It doesn’t taste the same as pee.

        • Kyle Meta4ce

          Are you an expert on urine taste?

          • Al

            Woman pee, yes.

          • james picard

            Well .I met three women who did much more than just squirt.a lot more than half a cup .and yes its clear ,slightly viscous ,and a very little faint pee smell, but not pee. Maybe these doctors need to work a little harder in bed and find out for themselves. my pee her pee all the same but far from ejaculation from orgasm .have fun trying boys.from NWT

          • Dan Meyers

            I am and it tastes nothing like urine. I’ve taste tested three ladies – both urine and ejaculate of each. Multiple times. No relation whatsoever between their ejaculate and their urine.

          • jason1000

            you’re nasty

          • Kuner1

            Enjoy tongue and mouth cancer. Great way to get it.

        • Jake Cruz

          If you put kool aid in pee I guess it ain’t pee anymore. lmao.
          Science just said the stuff that is found in pee, was found in the ejaculation. So no matter how good it taste, its pee. Its ok, many people are in denial too. I just laugh.

          • Dylan Semple

            It doesn’t say anywhere in the article how much of these components were found in the ejaculate versus urine, so the proof that ejaculate is pee is not here. Also within the ejaculate, prostate-specific antigens were found, which only come from the prostate, or skenes gland, and there are already studies that have concluded that the skenes gland fills the bladder before ejaculation. Therefore, of course the ejaculation would contain some components of urine, due to the fact of being stored in the same place, and if you find that ejaculate tastes like urine, it is most likely because the woman didn’t empty her bladder prior to sex.

          • Jake Cruz

            Not in this article. If you look up the original article and multiple detailed articles, they mention what they found.
            They did let the females pee before sex and did an ultra sound of tge bkadder to verify it was empty.
            After she was aroused, they conducted another ultrasound and found that it had filled up. After she squirted, they did another ultrasound and go nd that it was empty again.

            They took both the original pee sample and they squirt sample and do nd they consisted of theyl same chemicals.

          • Ricardo Talhadas

            That’s like saying tea is coffee because it has caffeine.

          • Jake Cruz

            Totally not what I said.

            Not only was the the fluid chemically identical to pee, but the fluid also came from the bladder.

            Tea and coffee are not made by the same plant.

          • John

            > Totally not what I said.

            Good luck with that. Some people are deeply emotionally invested in their beliefs, and they will continue to misrepresent your words.

          • Jake Cruz

            Misinterpret my words?

            I explained myself clearly. The bladder was full before squirt and empty after.

            You said tea and coffee.

            So please explain how my argument relates to your tea and coffee?

            People are emotional period.
            They can cry all they want, I really don’t care. Yup, I really don’t.

          • John

            No not misinterpret, I said misrepresent. Also, I didn’t say anything about tea or coffee – that was said by someone who is allergic to logic.

          • Jake Cruz

            Lol. Totally assumed it was the same person.

            Yeah, I really don’t care about feelings here. I’ve had a girl squirt.
            After seeing this, I fully agree I was peed on. Some people will just keep denying that they were peed on. It’s OK, if they like pee, then they like pee.
            Me on the other hand, I don’t.

          • Rachel

            Now I understand why you people are so in your feelings, lol. You’re too damn squeamish. Sex is dirty. Get over it, or stay celibate. Women let men ejaculate on them all the time. If a woman squirts, that means she’s enjoying herself. How unfair would it be if a woman told her boyfriend he wasn’t allowed to ejaculate during sex because “it’s gross”? That wouldn’t be right, and neither is its reverse situation.

          • Tim Mitchell

            Why do you keep saying that it was chemically identical when it wasn’t

          • Rachel

            Actually, that’s a good way to think about it. Let’s say that pee is the water, and the actual ejaculate is the Kool-Aid powder. You mix it up. Now, there is far more water in the mixture than powder, but the mixture is called Kool-Aid, not water. The mixture now has a different color and texture. That’s squirt.

          • contel

            lol. That is the most brilliant analogy I’ve ever heard.

      • Kimberly rios


      • Dan Meyers

        Bro? She’s a girl. This is a good indication of your knowledge of women. She is not peeing on her partner. It tastes nothing like urine, “Bro.”

        • fallacies

          Basically, it’s clean urine with some psa… it tastes, smells and feels better because it doesn’t have all those toxins in it – that are normally passed into it – from the kidneys…

          I guess you’d have to think of it logically (101 class): all Ps are Ses, but not all Ses are necessarily Ps; all automobiles are machines, but not all machines are necessarily automobiles; all pee is urine, but not all urine is necessarily pee.

          The study forces us to further define what pee is… pee isn’t just urine anymore, it’s yellow [toxic?] waste that is transported via urine. (I can accept that.)

    • Alessandra Forti

      I agree 7 is a ridiculous number for a study.

      • Seattle Scientist

        It is hardly ridiculous for a study like this and just shows you’re unfamiliar with research.

        • Alessandra Forti

          It’s always amusing how people express their assumptions as The Truth.

        • Veronica Monet

          You are not a scientist now are you! Nice try though. 30 is significant sample size. Randomized and double blind is preferred mode of sampling and study. Yes, some research allows for smaller sample sizes but the authors of this research admit the sample size limits their ability to generalize results. Add to that the fact that they did not get consistent results with all seven subjects and you have an extremely unreliable result. But if you really do understand scientific principles, you know that the objective is NOT to conclude but to invite FURTHER research and replication of results. Science does not try to prove anything. Scientific theory is based upon disproving theories.

          • John

            They use an ultrasound and can clearly see the bladder empties at time of orgasm, also the chemical make up of the fluid is the same as urine… it’s pretty conclusive!

          • Veronica Monet

            The chemical composition of the female ejaculate in this study was NOT the same as pee. It contained some chemical markers which are in pee. But they also found a chemical which is also found in male ejaculate: Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).

          • Ted Webster

            Did they win the the sample through a Mass Spectrometer? along with her pee to determine if the chemical make up is the same?

          • jason1000

            it’s a gross habit

          • luluantipyrene

            So sayeth the virgin.

      • Jake Cruz

        Im no scitsientist, but no matter how many people you test and find pee, then it is pee. Now if your hoping you squirt margarita’s then maybe you might have an argument. hehe

        • Alessandra Forti

          you are right, you are no scientist. You can’t even spell.

        • Nathan Gamble

          Jake, are you really that stupid that you don’t understand that two things can contain some of the same chemicals without being the same thing.

          • Jake Cruz

            Please give me an example of things that have the same chemicals, but are different?

          • OnePointTwentyOneJiggaWatts

            Your example: a human being … and a dog.
            Both are composed nearly identically of the same chemicals, most of which being water, yet they are two totally different things.

          • Jake Cruz

            So I see where your comming from.
            But let’s take it deeper.
            Scientist took pee samples and an ultra sound of the bladder, where pee is stored, and it was empty. No pee.
            They went away to “play” until they were aroused. Scientist took another ultra sound. Bladder was full.
            They squirted. Scientist took the samples and did another ultra sound. Bladder was empty.
            Scientist compared the two and found them chemically similar.
            Unless dogs give birth to humans, then OK, then your argument would be valid. But the pure fact that they are not created in the same “factory”, means there is a difference.
            For men:
            My bladder hold pee, my balls hold sperm. If I ejaculate and my bladder is empty, then we know what came out.

            So is your argument that the bladder hold female ejaculation too?

          • Nathan Gamble

            It shows that these women were peeing while they ejaculated. It doesn’t mean that all female ejaculation is only pee.

          • Jake Cruz

            So then I say again.

            They they did a chemical analysis of the of the all the samples.

            They ALL came out the same. The only difference is, one of the seven had antigen.

            If they found something that was not found in pee, then yes, I would totally agree with you.

            Just the fact that they took samples before sex and after sex and they all turned out to be the same chemical make up. No extra chemicals.

            Everything found in pee was found in the squirt sample, nothing extra. Except in one case where antigen was found.

          • Nathan Gamble

            “If they found something that was not found in pee, then yes, I would totally agree with you.”

            They did.

            “Yet, whereas PSA was not detected in BSU in six out of seven
            participants, this antigen was present in S and ASU in five out of seven

    • Nicole Lynn Spengler

      I think the only people who feel it is pee are the ones who don’t know how to make it happen. I know for a fact it is not pee. From personal experience.

      • spanklee

        LMAO!!! You mean the ones who have control over the bladder and choose not to pee on their partner. Not because they can’t do it. It’s because they can and do control their bodily functions. Personal experience as what? a porn actress? or are you a scientist? I seriously doubt it is the latter.

      • Nathan Gamble

        Personal experience isn’t evidence. I’ve hallucinated before (And no. I wasn’t on drugs or anything like that).

        But neither is a study with a sample size so small that statistically none of the test subjects should give a positive result. Evidence indicates that only about 10% of women ejaculate during sex.

    • Maxim Beilinson

      actually i had encountered the copious amounts of fluid of several women squirt and it DOES resemble urine by taste and smell. Does not mattter if woman emptied her bladder before sex or after. tried both cases. in other words the conclusion is like said in research: female ejaculation(squirting) IS urine mixed with prostatic secretions. But it is still mostly urine…

    • Catherine

      Thank you, great note.
      Yes, copious indeed 😉
      And this Nick person is an angry misogynist fool.

      • Catherine

        Was saying thank you to Veronica, thanks!

    • j.lup

      It actually makes sense that female orgasm should be accompanied by an expulsion of fluid through the urethra, as this is a way to flush out bacteria that’s moved its way through the urethral opening during coitus.

      It seems to me that the ‘noticeable bladder filling’ just
      before squirting would explain why the fluid is clear and has no
      ammonia odor: it’s ‘fresh’.

      From what I’ve gathered, the PSA isn’t actually coming from the bladder, but from the Skenes glands (female prostate) which drain small amounts of fluid into the urethra.

  • David Daniels

    you misunderstand the data, then. Unaccepting that we are just animals like everything else? They disproved it was anything else by CHEMICHAL ANALYSIS. This means they compared it to pee, and found that it was CHEMICALLY the SAME. ALSO comes from the SAME PLACE AS PEE. Jesus, learn how to interpret data before you speak. as for the ammount? there is no where inside you body to hold any kind of fluids except the bladder. only slight excretions are possible without it. You just can’t accept it, not my problem. Your’s just like it is anyone’s problem that would rather think they know more when no available data is present on such topics. oh and if you hadn’t noticed, every article misrepresents EVERY STUDY. due to the layman nature of ALL, ALL, not just SOME writers. they read the published materials and attempt to 1.comprehend the materials. (error 1.) and 2. attempt to put highly complecated information into a simplistic form, (error 2.) you must, in order to have a correct understanding of something elevate you understanding to the basis level of the material, or forever risk misrepresentation and misinterpretation. the real error here is the during school, all of you ignored or underappreciated the value sciences have and the influence. i did not. i embraced them, actively isolating myself from others because i was misunderstood. I have at this point acquired a scientific mind that comprehends the actual published science materials, i use these articles to lead me to them and the forum space underneath to help others see where their knowledge is lacking and where the perception is flawed

    • Cupfull

      I’ve had 3 of em and lemme tell ya…it’s unpleasant to say the least.

    • Digna Jacqueline Lara

      Don’t even bother in try to convince a Ignorant, isn’t worthy…

    • Jake Cruz

      I was trying to explain what you just said here.
      I fully agree with you, people are stupid. Very stupid.
      They can test 99.9% of the world and people would argue, you missed .1%.
      I honestly think they are in denial. Only cause now they have learned they love peeing on other people. And they don’t want to accept it.

    • D’Arcy

      Actually they found it was chemically not the same.

  • Goldpenny’s Graffix

    Wow, another swing and a miss for discover. It’s now official, discover is no longer about knowledge and all about satire. Female ejaculate isn’t “just pee”. Squirting is mostly urine but ejaculate isn’t. I read that in the actual article this was originally published in, not this post that discover just plagiarized.

    • Jayce W

      This is certainly a tough conclusion for women that do “squirt”. I shared this with someone very close to me and she cried. Hope this is correct because i can forsee it causing some serious issues in the bedroom for women, that squirt.

      • Goldpenny’s Graffix

        Well I’ve been with a few girls who were wetter than others and some drier. Some who’s orgasims didn’t have any indication (or I just didn’t satisfy them) but to be honest, this isn’t news. If you’re at all familiar with the female anatomy it’s very obvious that women squirting is them peeing. It’s nothing to be ashamed about and if you know a female who does this, one; most guys I know think it’s hot and two;more importantly it’s not disgusting. It’s how their bodies are built and if these people(discovery) did ANY research then they would also write how it’s not uncommon for other species to do this. You might not want to lead with “well dolphins and female hyenas do it to” but whatever the case, if a woman achieves climax with me I’m pleased with the results. And that really is the most important point, make the girl feel good about herself.

      • John Morris

        No worries for your friend. (man here) Urine is sterile, no worries. If that is what happens to her during sex – THAT IS O.K.
        PLEASE tell your friend not to cry.

  • Matthew

    I think it’s really disrespectful and immoral to sexually objectify women like this, all for the sake of “science”. Does no one have a sense of privacy any more or has Internet porn turned you all into crass demons from Hell?

  • Conner J

    Apparently you stupid bastards have never tasted it.

    • Fideliolioli

      That’s because it mixes with what is already her vaginal fluids when it comes out idiot – and if you’ve tasted it – then you’ve been drinking urine. Enjoy it?

      • MB

        If you’ve ever performed oral on a female or male it’s highly likely you’ve been in some degree of contact with urine, even dried urine after using the bathroom, I mean your mouth is touching the pee hole! It’s just a part of it, and apparently plays a significant role in pleasure AND it’s pretty harmless so it’s not too different than the sexual fluids excreted in terms of hygiene or anything. In conclusion: Who really cares…

      • Nicole Lynn Spengler

        So if female ejaculation is not real then WHAT EXXACTLY is the pee mixing with to dilute the taste???

        • John

          Highly diluted urine from the kidneys would be sufficient to dilute the taste. One theory is that the kidneys of squirters go into overdrive, pushing a fluid that is mostly water into the bladder.

          Edit: Also, is anyone saying ‘female ejaculation is not real’ ? What does that even mean?

      • Digna Jacqueline Lara

        Well say my dear…

    • Nicole Lynn Spengler

      Oh I have and it is fantastic! I kind of feel sorry for people who don’t “believe” in it… means they haven’t been able to experience it.

      • Digna Jacqueline Lara

        Nicole , I had have the experience, I was surprise, but I can tell you it’s pee, and I remember I have it the second time I ever have sex in my life, If you touch the entrance of your urethra, pee will comes out, of course in the moment of sexual intercourse it feels different due to the unconsciousness of the body reactions, but it’s different odors and maybe taste because it’s fresh pee and haven’t be able to hold on the urine for a longer period in which the urine usually travels back and forward to the kidneys, porn may try to gives the wrong idea to the Ignorant people as you as well…

        • John

          Sadly, our culture thinks that ‘peeing yourself’ is this terrible shameful act, so most squirters will *never* admit to themselves that its mostly pee. Their own dignity requires that they believe something else.

      • Digna Jacqueline Lara

        Psss, I have a amazing boyfriend, he gives me the best pleasure a man can give to a woman, I am 100% sure…

  • Rainer24

    This seems like a rather stupid misinterpretation of the study’s findings.

  • Help Me Please

    Someone wanna tell Cytheria/Jennifer Flowers that female ejaculate is pee….no disrespect but one of my favorite hobbies is cunnilingus and i know that isn’t pee. Those two ladies I posted cannot have that much fluid (pee) in them with the amount that they ejaculate in a session.

  • James Ayala

    oh damn …

  • Hunter Greene

    This may be the sexual equivalent of reading what goes into a hot dog. I know, and yet I still like to eat one once in a while. Just like I’m going to keep “turning on the fountain.” What can I say? It’s hot.

  • simonpjlduckett

    There appears to be something in this phenomenon that is worrying the chaps if the comments here are anything to go by.

  • kinga

    No, it’s not pee. Unless you are doing it wrong… but than its not squirt…. I am a squirter. My g spospot is in the upper beginning of my vagina. If the g door is stimulated in the right way, I squirt. A lot, and can several times. If my vagina is stimulated deep and up, my bladder us stimulated and I pee… the two are totally different in color, smell and feel. Whoever came up with this, should check again!!!!!!!!

    • Apocalypse

      I’m willing to do a new study.

      • kinga

        I bet you would

        • Apocalypse

          I would expand the sample size to about a thousand…

          • michael s

            Good luck finding a thousand women willing to take part

  • kevers

    WROOOOONNNGGGG!!!! IT’S NOT PEE!! You should be ashamed for publishing this eronious article…. Poor excuse for scientists. Having said that…. it may contain some urine. Let me explain.
    They should have done their research prior to their testing and they might have known that the fluid comes from a spongy flesh lining on the walls of the vagina. It’s the squeezing from the intense orgasm that forces this fluid out of the walls and squirts out. IT DOES NOT COME FROM THE FEMALE EURETHRA LIKE PEE!!! (Empty her bladder all you want…. she’ll still squirt a puddle) So…. how can it test like pee??? If they had done their research, women who squirt a lot (yes, all women ejaculate different quantities) will become dehydrated and a portion of this spongy flesh is all that separates the pee from the cavity, so the moisture will travel through the spongy pourous walls to the other side. Voila!!! Pee tainted female ejaculation. The fluid is actually usually clear, almost tasteless, and can produce very intense, even uncontrollable orgasms. (Again, everyone is different here. Ranging from thick creamy white ejaculation to huge amounts of clear, slightly sour tasting….) There is a technique to make this happen and works on every female…. yes, all of them. If done right and the woman is a trusting and willingly participant, it can be accomplished in as little as 15 seconds, usually 30-60 seconds.
    On behalf of the A-holes who didn’t think about the fact they were calling you freaks…. you are NORMAL. Enjoy your intense squirting orgasms and let the uneducated remain unsatisfied.

    • michael s

      Spongy lining that holds liquid?! You sir are the uneducated one!

    • John Morris

      Thank you..

  • Apocalypse

    I’ve only been with one “squirter”…and it was definitely urine in that case. Made a mess every-time we had sex. Others people experience may be different.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    The inclusion of women in medical studies is seriously lacking, yet scientists can find the time for this pointless drivel? The fact that studies like this exist is proof sexism is alive and well. I’d like to see scientists debating the chemical composition of semen or claiming that certain types of male orgasms aren’t “real.”

    If it feels good to the woman, it’s legit. No analysis necessary. My orgasms don’t need debunking.

    • Logan

      The inclusion of women in medical studies is seriously lacking, yet scientists can find the time for this pointless drivel?

      It’s a study – it doesn’t become pointless drivel just because you don’t like it.

      The fact that studies like this exist is proof sexism is alive and well.

      An assertion searching for some evidence to back it up.

      I’d like to see scientists debating the chemical composition of semen or claiming that certain types of male orgasms aren’t “real.”

      1) They don’t debate it because they all agree what it’s made of, as they’ve studied it MANY MANY times.
      2) Nobody here is saying female orgasms aren’t real – this study is looking at the chemical composition of female ejaculate.

      If it feels good to the woman, it’s legit. No analysis necessary. My orgasms don’t need debunking.

      Nobody is ‘debunking your orgasms’ – nobody. Your reading comprehension is as small as your victim mentality is large.

  • Ross Bonander

    Me thinks the ladies are protesting too much

    • MB

      Maybe idiots should stop trying to over analyze the lady parts and just listen to them for once. I’ve so far read that there is no g-spot (wrong), recently I read that women don’t actually orgasm(definitely wrong), and now this….SMH. Not surprisingly, there are A LOT of women disagreeing with this drivel. There is another ejaculation that comes from the elusive g-spot and it’s liquid like water, and can gush down but it’s obviously not pee as you can’t pee out of your actual vagina.

      • John

        If the topic is subjective experience, then we listen to the people who have the experience.

        If the topic is objective fact, there is no need nor benefit to value people’s subjective experience over verifiable facts.

    • John

      Some of the ladies value truth over denial.

    • Veronica Monet

      Me thinks some of the men in this discussion are WAY too invested in “proving” that women cannot ejaculate. I guess denying female ejaculation somehow preserves their manhood?

  • Si

    Anyone who has studied the anatomy of the Skene’s gland, female reproduction in general and kidney function for 5 minutes can easily figure out that female ejaculation is indeed mostly just urine (depending on the amount)

    You empty your bladder for sex, ok. Roughly a healthy person produces at least 30mL of urine an hour. This can average to about half an ml of urine filling in your bladder per minute after its emptied.

    The Skene’s gland is generally smaller than the male prostate which on its own produces about 3-5 mLs anyway. I highly doubt even after swelling it’d be physically possible to accumulate enough fluid for the Skene’s gland greater than that which many claim. Stimulating the gland also stimulates your “empty” bladder.

    Unless your ejaculating second after emptying your bladder, I highly doubt its all secretions from your gland. Yes, porn dramatizes it. I’m talking about accounts and as a woman who can easily “ejaculate” or “squirt” myself. Yes, it feels great. Yes, it’s sexy as hell (if you have not a clue or don’t care what it is)

    You actually may be cuming, don’t get me wrong. But 9/10 thats not all thats coming out. People just try to find a reason their not peeing on themselves /getting pissed on. And FYI, not everyone’s urine smells like…stereotypical urine. It changes and for some throughout the day. Especially dont expect it to be strong in minimal amounts of 1 ml.

    Sample size of seven is very small and I don’t see this h an entirely valid study from a research standpoint. But you don’t NEED further research to understand this simple phenomenon.

    • D’Arcy

      Umm precisely, This doesn’t specify how long after, emptying their bladder, the squirting happened, nor the quantity. So it tells you nothing. But your 30 ml an hour number does not add up. These women were squirting more than 30 ml and before orgasm their bladder had filled back up. From what I read in other articles, their bladders filled at abnormal rates. What makes it so hard to imagine that their body filled their bladder because of the sex and the upcoming release of urine and PSA to enhance sexual intercourse?

      And plus peeing on someone is a voluntary action. this is not voluntary as you know. You aren’t trying to pee on your partner when it happens to you are you? No… Because you aren’t peeing on them. You’re lubricating the intercourse with a mixture of urine and PSA’s. It’s not like the body can magically decide to fill the bladder with pure filtered water. So yes it’s using the same processes to lubricate your sex as the ones used for peeing. But you’re not peeing on anyone. Your body is not involuntarily urinating, it’s voluntarily lubricating.

  • Ezra Taylor

    Why would you guys talk about this bullshit. I know why. Sex brings in viewers. I thought this group of viewers were more that that. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex but this site should not be the place to discuss trash like this.

  • afrolatina

    I am a female that I squirt a lot during sex, so much than my legs shake a lot & I get weak, but I feel this electric feeling running through my body, if in fact is pee I dont remember ever feeling that way when I pee… The feeling I get is great, I’m only 31 & I get soacked I dont pee that much in 30 mins… Especially if I drink a quarter of glass of wine… I believe in quirt…
    Excuse my English

  • Nate Blank

    What were they expecting to find? Sugar and spice and everything nice?

  • Guest

    Pathetic article. Taking advice from this would be like

    I challenge anyone to find a video clip of any scene in an adult movie that shows a women squirting yellow fluid.

    Put these researchers in touch with Bonnie Rotten, Cytheria, Mason Moore, etc. I have been with dozens of squirters. I have white sheets. I have never had yellow “pee” stains.

    For those females who don’t believe it’s real, maybe just tell yourselves it is, but know that an incredible amount of nerve and muscle tension builds up in the genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs- until her body involuntarily realeases it all at once in an intense series of pleasurable waves. Many of them have their eyes roll back in their head. I have also been with at least 20 squirt virgins, and 17 of the 20 cried and said that they lost track of all time and space.

    As a guy, I would choose that way to pee everytime!!

    Bottom line: not pee.

    • Logan

      Pee doesn’t have to be yellow or stinky. I can pee clear fluid if I stimulate myself right – it irritates the bladder and speeds up the processing of fluid and it comes out clear. I’ve been doing it since I was a teen.

  • jason smith

    I beg any woman who has not experienced this to completely ignore this article. This article is meant to suck the life out of the human race.

    I challenge anyone to find a legit video clip of any scene in an adult movie that shows a women squirting yellow fluid.

    Put these researchers in touch with Bonnie Rotten, Cytheria, Mason Moore, etc., for their trials.

    I have been with dozens of squirters. I have white sheets. I have never had yellow “pee” stains.

    For those females who don’t believe it’s real, maybe just tell yourselves it is, but know that an incredible amount of nerve and muscle tension builds up in the genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs- until your body involuntarily releases it all at once in an intense series of pleasurable waves. Often times their eyes roll back in their head. Some even cry and said that they lost track of all time and space.

    Pee or not, EVERY woman deserves to feel this!!

    • John

      > This article is meant to suck the life out of the human race.

      Weird. It reads to me like some people just want to know the truth. And some people get really upset when other people want to know the truth, and are really quick to cast aspersion on them.

  • des tiny

    If it’s just a matter of pissing, then why doesn’t every woman just do it? Why is not every woman just laying down and squirting like porn stars? Why do they claim it takes some effort and why are all these woman ‘acting’ like it feels good? If it’s just piss… is really going to claim they know what is happening in women’s bodies again…yeah ..
    cuz ‘they’ always get it so right….

  • Nikki Ericks

    It’s NOT pee, according to several doctors of higher merit who’ve done studies with MUCH LARGER samples it is mostly SUGARS produced naturally. Gtfo with this nonsense.

    • Jake Cruz

      Sources. By u need sources. You can’t just say “squirting is actually margaritas”,and expect to be legit. So technically, what your saying is nonsense.

      What is you your source?

      • Nikki Ericks

        Medical journals, research done by actual doctors without an agenda.
        It would literally take you 3 secs on a google search to find out this article is complete NONSENSE.

        • Logan

          Google searches are bringing up nothing of any substance – I repeat the question asked above.

    • Logan

      That is nonsense.

  • Luisah Teish

    Nick don’t know how to make his woman reach orgasm and render the ancient fluid known as Amrita, a kind of nectar, Manna, holy liquid that comes both from the heavens above and from the moisture that gathers in the female during sexual excitement and release. So reduce the mystery to urine since that seems to be the best these researchers can do. Your conclusions are painfully pissy. You need to interview some tantric and indigenous women.

  • Snakewhisperer .

    It doesn’t matter that the sample is only seven because all seven showed the same thing.
    Perhaps all women secret extra stuff into their bladder during arousal but only some lose control of their bladder at orgasm.
    But never forget…
    For there is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so.

  • catsmeow

    I had my first experience of “squirting” and been reading up on it. Im personally sick of people talking about pee smelling and tasting different. First off i doubt theyve actually tasted their own piss. I dont see many people talk about that urine does smell different by what you eat, so Im assuming taste would too. In my experience the sensation was different than going to the bathroom. It kindof surprised me and i started laughing. These are the type of studies and comments that should be made.

  • Digna Jacqueline Lara

    Nicole , I had have the experience, At first I was surprise, but I can tell you it’s pee, and I remember I have it the second time I ever have sex in my life, If you touch the entrance of your urethra, pee will comes out, of course in the moment of sexual intercourse it feels different due to the unconsciousness of the body reactions, I was at the Hospital long time ago, in my teenage years, and remember an old lady getting a long tube inside the urethra, and I saw the same as I also had have, call “Squirting” and this old lady was around 89 years old, so it means she was arouse and sexually stimulated to Squirting while the nurse was trying inserting this tube into her…???, But it’s different odors and maybe taste because it’s fresh pee and haven’t be able to hold on the urine for a longer period in which the urine usually travels back and forward to the kidneys, Porn and pervert people may try to gives the wrong idea to the Ignorant people as you as well…

  • Digna Jacqueline Lara

    Well say it …!!!

  • Guest

    Nicole , I had have the experience, I was surprise, but I can tell you it’s pee, and I remember I have it the second time I ever have sex in my life, If you touch the entrance of your urethra, pee will comes out, of course in the moment of sexual intercourse it feels different due to the unconsciousness of the body reactions, but it’s different odors and maybe taste because it’s fresh pee and haven’t be able to hold on the urine for a longer period in which the urine usually travels back and forward to the kidneys, porn may try to gives the wrong idea to the Ignorant people as you as well…

  • MarkW

    My wife did not believe that women could ejaculate, however she is open minded enough to give it a go. After months of trying she did finally ejaculate and we have been doing it ever since. There seems to be a misconception which says it is either one, urine or two from the skenes gland. To us it’s a build up of liquid behind the front wall of the vagina which fills almost like a testicle sac to the point where the g-spot is pushing out of the vagina then woosh. Now I can tell you it’s not urine, to test this my wife took a vitamin tablet which makes her urine a bright color, then went to the toilet before we had sex at which time she squirted. Then back to the toilet again afterwards.
    Both times she urinated it came out the bright color from the vitamin tablet, however the time in between it was clear. To us this proves without a doubt that it is not urine. And the fact that she originally didn’t believe women could do this means most women are capable of it.

    • Veronica Monet

      Yes! And if you she is one of the people whose pee changes its smell when she eats asparagus, you can test it that way too. The pee smells like asparagus but the ejaculate does NOT!

      • ann

        i already posted this (below) but thought i’d reply to you and Guest to see what you think. thoughts? i did it in the bathtub to make sure it was the same situation as peeing into a toilet. i was totally bummed when i saw the yellow.

        –decided to test it with vitamins, came out typical vitamin-neon yellow. of course that’s my single case; only speaking for myself.

        • Veronica Monet

          Do you female ejaculate frequently or was this experiment your first experience ejaculating? Some women don’t completely empty their bladder before ejaculating so that can complicate your results. And if you don’t regularly ejaculate you may not be adept at distinguishing between the urge to ejaculate and the urge to pee. They do feel different and produce different results.

  • Kamira Kamira

    Does the make-up of pleasurable emissions need to be investigated in a lab? If you like it & it makes you feel amazing & changing your sheets is no issue in your life, who cares what the survey says? I personally KNOW the magical fluid is tears…happy intense vaginal pleasure tears. You’re all welcome.
    I’m in the office all the time if you need me to sort out anything else.

  • Allister Collins

    I have made 8 different women ejaculate a grand total of ~300 times over the course of 28 years and I can confirm a few facts:
    1) liquid is NOT the same composition as urine — no ammonia at the very least
    2) they don’t squirt the fluid like urinating, they gush it out
    3) fluid is clear, somewhat slippery and pleasant smelling
    4) fluid gushes from vagina in response to stimulating G-spot, not from urethra
    5) women describe a feeling “like having to pee” just prior to ejaculating
    6) ALL women can do it
    7) with good technique, most women will cum in under 15 seconds, and they can’t stop it physiologically
    8) the amount of fluid is at least the equivalent to a mouthful of water, if not more
    9) refractory time before another ejaculation is possible is remarkably short — often less than 30 seconds
    10) all women are astonished at the amount of liquid that can be released after a carnal session — easily 10x more than a man

  • Rodney Atkins

    The main problem is that this “article” seems to be based on an abstract, not the full report.

  • Melissa Gail Wolford

    I find this whole “scientific” study sexist. I mean let’s all test the ejaculate of males and make 100% sure no part of that is pee. Yes we know that a portion is baby making material, but it comes out through the urethra too. How about the guy who is fixed, let us definitely check him to see if it is pee. If even a little bit of that man’s ejaculate has some similar chemical make up of pee, then I’m calling it pee.

    Scientific studies for women have always been skewed, whether it be reproduction or anything else for that matter. Hell, for the most part the scientific community can’t even agree on where the g-spot is on a woman or if it really exists.

    Scientific/medical community cares more about 70 year old men keeping their erections than women being able to have healthy sex lives without getting pregnant every time. How about a birth control that doesn’t cause hormones fluctuations, lows your libido and make you gain weight?

    Really I think women as a whole shouldn’t be arguing about this study, instead we all should see it for some sexist bull crap.

    • Logan

      I find this whole “scientific” study sexist.

      It isn’t.

      I mean let’s all test the ejaculate of males and make 100% sure no part of that is pee. Yes we know that a portion is baby making material, but it comes out through the urethra too. How about the guy who is fixed, let us definitely check him to see if it is pee. If even a little bit of that man’s ejaculate has some similar chemical make up of pee, then I’m calling it pee.

      They have studied ejaculate. And if they were to find that it contains 99.99% material that is not urine and .01% urine you would call it pee, but for some reason take issue with something 99% urine being called urine? That’s odd logic.

      Scientific studies for women have always been skewed, whether it be reproduction or anything else for that matter.

      Especially because people like you dismiss studies they don’t like. Science is science – labeling these studies sexist doesn’t make them so.

      Hell, for the most part the scientific community can’t even agree on where the g-spot is on a woman or if it really exists.

      The scientific community has many many women in it – and has done for years. They aren’t coming up with answers either. The reason the G-Spot existence is still contentious seems to be because some women don’t actually have one at all – so the study subjects themselves are inconsistent.

      Scientific/medical community cares more about 70 year old men keeping their erections than women being able to have healthy sex lives without getting pregnant every time.

      Women have multiple forms of birth control, and the pill has been available for 50 years. Acting like the community cares less about women even though they gave them exactly what you just described half a century ago is downright bizarre. By the way, the 70 year old men have 70 year old wives who also want active sex lives with their husbands – or did you forget that?

      How about a birth control that doesn’t cause hormones fluctuations, lows your libido and make you gain weight?

      There are many types of birth control, and they all impact different women different ways. You are pretending there is one and it impacts all women the same. By the way – how about men get birth control too? It’s only been 50 years. Then maybe you wouldn’t have to worry so much. Oh wait… I forgot; women’s groups don’t want men to have the pill…

      Really I think women as a whole shouldn’t be arguing about this study, instead we all should see it for some sexist bull crap.

      It’s a study to find the chemical composition of female ejaculate. It’s isn’t ‘sexist crap’ just because you say so.

  • NoJohnLocke

    Men ejaculate through the Urethra, too. Different chemical composition, different substance.

    Beer is 90-95% water by mass (nrdc dot org), but we don’t call it water, do we? Nope, it’s different. h2o and h2o2 are pretty similar too, right?

    Well what is ‘squirted’ is clear, even in dehydrated women, has little to no odor, stains nothing and deserves a different name! I’ve been calling it ‘A Job Well Done’.

  • Shag

    Well said Nicole. It comes from being stimulated correctly and in the right spots. Kudos to your husband for taking the time to find out the secret of you.

  • Jake Cruz

    LOL. I have been pissed on. Scientist can do all the research they want, but we have Einsteins here that will cry about it. YOU ARE PEEING. NASTY!!!!

    Love the arguments. People trying to argue details, when the report is trying to dumb it down. Low blows from the pee people. I thought it was hot until now. No more squirting for me.

  • Jake Cruz

    You must like pee alot.

  • Maureen Wilson

    Ridiculous! So, you are saying that a woman’s piss and a man’s sperm can make children??

  • Dan Meyers

    This article does not address female ejaculate. Just some type of gushing. I have been with three women who have released up to 1/2 cup of liquid after very strong stimulation if the anterior front third of their vaginal canal. Because I am a strange man, I have collected both these ejaculate samples AND separate urine samples from these three women and tasted them. I told you I was strange. In no way, shape, or form was the ejaculate urine. Not even a small chance. The urine tasted like urine. The ejaculate was very clear, and had almost no taste. Almost like slightly thick water.

  • Dan Meyers

    Nicole is 100% correct. I think she would know the difference if she urinated on her sheets. She’s a grown married woman. The liquid released during orgasm has no urine flavor. I know because my wife does it into my mouth. I know I’m sick. Whatever. I’ve tasted it 300 times and also from previous girls. It is not urine. Not a chance

    • D’Arcy

      You are not sick. I would really rather not drink a women’s pee as I don’t like the smell of pee. I imagine it tastes the same, gross. But the liquid that comes out of a woman’s urethra, or glands, during sex has a pleasant musky odor which has made me wish to taste it more than once.

    • John Morris

      Here’s the problem. The female urethral opening is only a half an inch above the vagina. Unless you’re right there looking at the moment of ejaculation or gush – How would you know where it came from?

  • Dan Meyers


  • ann

    decided to test it with vitamins, came out typical vitamin-neon yellow. of course that’s my single case; only speaking for myself.

  • Baiambo

    What do they mean by “just”???

  • FieryRed

    If you’re here to talk about science and facts, you’re doing it wrong. Try reading the study again. Then go read some other studies on the subject.

  • kinkissimo

    I was with a woman who said it was coming out her clitoris and not her urethra. It was dark, I didn’t have my glasses on, and she turned out to be a nut, so I’m not sure what to believe about the clitoris claim. Can any squirting women out there clear this up for me?

    • Veronica Monet

      Well l am a sexologist so I can provide you with more than anecdotal observations, although those can be informative as well. Female ejaculate is produced in the Skene’s glands also known as the female prostate. It contains PSA which is also a component of male ejaculate. Female ejaculate comes out of the urethra and other ducts which empty into the urethra as well as near the urethra on the exterior of the vulva. It is possible that your lover thought her ejaculate was coming from her clitoris because she could tell it was not coming from her urethra. If so, she would have been confused as the clitoris does not have any way of emitting fluid. But the ducts which originate in the female prostate and terminate on the exterior of the vulva do deliver fluid in the form of female ejaculate.

      • kinkissimo

        Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Barbra J. Johnson

    I don’t see anywhere in this article where, when or who did the study. Did they conduct the study more than once on each person? What about the compounds of the squirting men can feel while inside their partner, is that the same as when they are not inside. Why does it taste, look and smell different? If it contains some elements of pee, is that the same as calling margarine plastic since they contain some of the same elements?

  • Barbra J. Johnson

    Comments from the study also stated… There’s a caveat. The scientists also found that there was small amount of “prostatic secretions”—fluid from the prostate gland—in the fluid sample, which means that squirting is actually a combo of both pee and “prostatic secretions.” “Our results lead us to conclude that squirting and the so-called ‘female ejaculation’ essentially are two distinct events,” say the study authors.
    Granted this was a small study—and all of the women in it were consistent squirters. Still, we totally get how you may still be a bit grossed out. After all, in the world of selective hearing, “combo” can easily be interpreted as “OMG OMG OMG there’s pee in there.” But listen: It’s really just a small amount of pee, and sex experts say it’s really not a big deal.
    “It’s not like you’re peeing on somebody—it’s very diluted urine,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., research scientist at Indiana University and author of Sex Made Easy. What’s more, she also points out that there are even traces of pee in men’s, uh, fluid as well. “In both cases, the fluid comes through the urethra—only in women, it rests briefly in the bladder first,” says Herbenick. “In the end, we all just have to become comfortable with the fact that sex involves the genitals and the genitals are down there. It’s a big, messy thing—but it’s worth it!”

  • Will-o

    So I’ve been getting pee in my mouth this whole time. That lyin bitch.

  • Jack brown

    Here is my opinion right so you have female ejaculate right which is a clear sweet liquid which comes out of the vagina in really small amounts to keep things lubricated and is not enough to make a puddle or soak towels okay.Then we have squirting were loads of liquid shoots out of the vagina like a full power hose pipe and is enough to make puddle and soak through towels like a hose pipe would right.Now that is out of the way let me get down to business i think that pee from the bladder mixes with the female ejaculate from the Skene gland in the bladder and surely it is stored somewhere right the bladder?.Now as female ejaculate basically comes out constantly to keep things lubricated and more is produced the more aroused you are and i am fairly certain that people who squirt are really really aroused right so intense arousal equals higher likelihood of squirting and increased production of female ejaculate that keeps filling and filling the bladder until it is full to bursting and then it bursts and all of the mixture in the bladder shoots out like a hose uncontrollably soaking towels,making puddles and filling bottles and as there is only a small amount of pee that’s why you cant taste or smell it as it is only a tiny amount compared to the amount of ejaculate but that leaves me one question if you urinated before you started and the fact that it takes like an hour to produce more urine then how can it have urine in it my thought is when we urinate we never 100% empty are bladders meaning there is always some urine in there which would explain the small amount of urine in the squirt either that or my other theory is that there is not wee in the squirt at all and the ejaculate still fills the bladder to bursting and then squirts like a hose like before only there is no urine at all anyway that is my opinion on the topic and i would just like to say i am just a guy with an opinion and i have my own thoughts on this matter i am not looking for argument and i am not trying to offend anyone in anyway and i am just trying to give my theory and opinion and i appreciate any constructive criticism that i may receive and would gladly discuss this topic respectfully with you and last but not least thank you so much for reading my comment and i hope you have a wonderful day! :)

    • Veronica Monet

      Jack you are making more sense than most of the men posting here. And I suspect that is because you are a man of experience plus you can use logic better than the researchers who designed this particular study. Bravo!

      • Jack brown

        Thank you very much Veronica

      • Jack brown

        I am sorry that I took so long to reply thank you Veronica Monet.

    • Johnatan Bruno

      Honestly, Jack, the best comment i’ve found here is yours.

  • King la queefa

    whats disgusting is that i know there is someone who read this and was like “I’ve been drinking my gf’s pee? wtf is the meaning of life?”

  • Kitten

    I am no scientist, however I am 100% female. I had an amazing love session with my man last night! I did empty my bladder before him and I engaged in our love nest. When I had my orgasm, I squirted!! When we assessed the bed sheets, it was a clear puddle of liquid. There was no odor, no stain, and I was told it had a hint of sweet taste. Not sure why people have to argue , but there is a difference. I’ve squirted both ways before. Clear and a bit of urine mixed in.

    • Veronica Monet

      Thanks Kitten! The experience of women is SO important. Science has repeatedly negated women’s experience and truth down through the ages. When women began seeking the vote, scientists removed the female prostate from all the anatomy books. It took years to reclaim the female prostate in anatomy books after this politically motivated “scientific” maneuver. Your voice matters more than anything. Thanks for telling your truth! And your experience reflects the experience of thousands of other women including me!

      • Logan

        “When women began seeking the vote, scientists removed the female prostate from all the anatomy books.”

        That isn’t true. And if you have some evidence please link to it.

  • rachybaby

    It wasn’t “a failed attempt to insult” you, but you sure did pass with flying colours with your epic overreaction…

    This is not a man vs. woman thing. He says that because if urine has a sweet taste, that can be an indication of diabetes… And he did say “seriously” after all….

  • rachybaby

    It wasn’t “a failed attempt to insult” you, but you sure did pass with flying colours with your epic overreaction…

    This is not a man vs. woman thing. He says that because if urine has a sweet taste, that can be an indication of diabetes… And he did say “seriously” after all….

    • Damagix57

      No… sweat that smells sweet is a sign or diabetes.

  • jessica pena

    My friend tried to convince me it’s not urine. I don’t believe him but it sure was fun trying to get me to “squirt!” He tried every possible way he read on google to give me that life-altering orgasm. Although I’m still unconvinced, his heroic attempt is one of the top five highlights in my life. lol.

    • Mick O’Kelley

      Did he try an al?

  • Knut Holt

    The crucial question is wether you or your lover like ut or not, and that will vary.

  • Jamie lee

    This is stupid ejaculation is real for women, that’s like saying men ejaculation is pee as well. I did an experiment using vinegar & asparagus which make my pee smell horrible. I then made myself have an orgasm & ejaculated which is just clear liquid fluid put some in a cup & it didn’t smell at all. I waited 10 mins & peed in a cup & it smelled just like asparagus. Plus I used the vinegar to compare how the ejaculation should look. Pee is yellow & smelled bad, my ejaculation didnt have a smell & look like the vinegar. Thats proof to me ejaculation is real & some scientists have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

  • Redeemed

    Amazing the women in here who say that science is wrong … and, hey, they’re a bunch of men saying so. Proof again as to why women are the weaker sex. Good. Grief.

    • Jenny Moore

      One experiment involving 7 women is NOT conclusive science.

  • Christy

    In my experience, not only does the copious amount of clear fluid discharged from the vaginal canal during sexual stimulation not have the typical characteristics of the appearance, smell, taste, and “body” of urine, it also does not appear to be coming from the urethra. When my fingers are far up in the vaginal canal stimulating the proximal anterior wall, it is my fingers that get the soaking first as the fluid flows from the vaginal canal, and not the palm of my hand, which seems to me would get the soaking if it was coming from the urethra. It seems to be coming from the cervical area of the uterus, or from the vaginal wall itself (possibly something similar to lacrimal ducts?). The clear fluid resembles pure water and does not have any of the characteristics of urine even when the bladder is full of urine and not emptied prior to sexual stimulation (and if I empty my bladder after the fact, it is a typical urination with all the characteristics), leading me to believe that these are separate occurances, and could be originating from separate anatomical areas. The gushing release of this clear fluid gives me an emotional high (which makes me think it could be a hormonally stimulated release), it has a different consistency and viscosity than the vaginal lubrication fluid that is released in the beginning of sexual stimulation, and physically the experience feels nothing like the muscular contractions involved in urination. I would love to see more in depth studies on this to help women gain a greater understanding their physiology and gain increased pleasure from their sexual experiences.

  • MyDogisFromHell

    This article is horseshit. Any woman that “report(s) the discharge of a noticeable amount of fluid from the urethra” is, in fact, peeing. Because urine exits a woman’s body via the urethra.

    On the other hand, a true squirter knows the love juice she is soaking her partner with is coming out of her vagina. And the taste is sweeter than honey. It’s not urine.

    My conclusion is, the men on here that poo-poo the fact that women are capable of “squirting,” have never stroked a woman’s G-spot long enough to bring them to orgasm. And the seven women in the (pseudo)study have never had their G-spot stroked to the point of orgasm and ejaculation.

  • Beth

    You guys are misreading what they reported. The scientists found Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in the sample taken from one of the seven women before stimulation (BSU). They found PSA in the samples taken from five of the seven women in the fluid ejaculated (A) as well as in the samples taken afterwards (ASU).

    • Nathan Gamble

      I didn’t actually read the study at all until now. I was just discussing points from it that other people brought up.

      The point that you’ve mentioned means that the most probable explanation is that these women (the five who had PSA in their “squirt”) were peeing and ejaculating at the same time, and the other two were just peeing.

      • Beth

        One explanation someone mentioned here makes sense to me and fits the facts given in this article, at least: that the ejaculate fills the bladder in women, and then empties from there. Without having any idea of the amount of PSA vs urine, it could explain why some urine was present in the mix (we have no idea how much – it may only have been trace amounts), but it would also explain why the women had full bladders again after emptying their bladders beforehand.

        • Veronica Monet

          Yes it is called retrograde ejaculation and has not been studied to date but you can read more about it in Deborah Sundalh’s “Female Ejaculation and The G-Spot”

          • michael s

            Why would we believe one woman’s theory when you say that it has not even been studied to date!? Making up false medical claims to make yourself feel better is just sad!

  • andrea ferrell

    Um, not pee. Comes out of my vagina, not urethra, totally clear with no pee smell whatsover. My matress would be ruined otherwise. My husband is very good at what he does & enjoys the fruit of his labors. Happens often for me, lucky enough to have multiple orgasms. Has nothing to do with bladder control. All the guys (& gals) who dismiss it as simply peeing are just haters…

  • spartanmike29

    Plain and simple English the study said they had everyone urinate into a cup and tested it. Then they had everyone ejaculate and tested those fluids. The ejaculated fluid exactly matched the urine in every person except 5 out of 7 woman had an exact match plus PSA. Idk about you but for me if you pee into a cup and then add juice to it I’m still calling it pee and not drinking it

  • Boyco Ttgooogle

    Man I wish I’d noticed a year ago that there was an answer.

  • Jeff Scott

    I think it varies with women. I’ve had way more than my share of squirters. I’ve had several that squirted a very sweet and tasty totally clear liquid. I’ve had others that squirt insane volumes 6 ft into the air and do smell “pissy”. I have one right now that literally squirts gallons, it’s insane. When we’re done, I have a huge stack of towels and blankets that have to hung out to dry. I notice those towels all smell pissy afterwords. It’s kind of gross but it’s sure hot when it happens again and again and again during sex. I must say though, I like the clear, sweet and tasty squirters better. I’ve had a few of those that absolutely never had any kind of pee smell.

  • Betta Yetta

    The first time I squirted I did feel a ‘build up’ right behind my pubic bone. But instead of holding back like I’d done in the past I was so turned on I just went with it. The scent is not like pee at all. It smells wonderful and it explains why I’ve see guys in porn dive in to taste the squirt. I haven’t tasted it but since I’ve learned how to squirt nearly every time now I suspect one day I will taste it. The key: Go with your sexuality. Don’t feel inhibited. Practice, practice, practice. PS. My husband has been impotent for 10 years so my orgasms are all self induced. I love it!

  • Michael Muirhead

    next prople be saying female grool is also pee idiots i had my lass piss in a cup and squirt in a cup during sex piss had a total diffrent colout bad smell anmd yes I tasted both the pee nearly knocked me sick the squyirt smealt nice was also clear and tasted great.

    • Mike Coxsbig

      I’m sure you will be publishing your scientific study so it’s out there for peer review. Let me know how that works out.

      • John Morris

        There’s a lot of confusion here. Yes these gland exist but not along the female urinary tract. from the bladder to the urethral opening half an inch above the vagina there’s nothing along the way. I have no doubt that these women are ejaculating (gushing really) but out of their vagina. Since the female urethral opening is only a half an inch above the vagina it would be easy to get the location of those two confused. Sadly I know a few women who think they pee out of their vagina. I even dated a girl who didn’t know she had a clitoris. Obviously most western modern educated women are not this uninformed but when a women claims that she “ejaculated” I wonder.

        But who knows. Maybe their right.

        • Veronica Monet

          Actually some women DO urinate out of their vaginas because their urethras are located just inside the top portion of the vaginal opening. Sometimes this is due to prolapse and sometimes it is an accident of birth. Nurses who insert catheters know to first check for the urethra between the clitoral glans and the vaginal opening. This is where most women’s urethras are located. But if they cannot find the urethra there, the next place they check is just inside the upper portion of the vagina.

          • John Morris

            Thank you miss. Gee, you learn something new everyday. You know I think I have actually seen this. Although when I saw what looked liked the urethra opening in the wrong place I thought to myself, “No…It couldn’t be…What is it doing there?” Prolapse of course. I wonder how common this happens to women. You know, the percentages.

            JOHN K MORRIS

    • Frank Arcati

      So if someone were to take a dump on u but had corn in there shit.would it still be shitting on someone or corning someone?

    • Bill L

      Face palm
      The CDC has a job for you tasting specimens

  • doug ortiz

    I don’t know or care if it is piss or not. I just know that when I can make her lose control and go all the way to squirting then I have done my job. And those occasions are SWEET!!!!

  • Peter Bell

    So the bladder suddenly fills during sexual stimulation and then discharges during orgasm.
    Don’t bladders fill with what you drink throughout the day?
    This makes me think that the bladder is also a delivery system for something else ie squirt juice.
    Unless all women subconsciously drink a litre of water before sex then a different liquid is filling up the bladder then discharging and obviously dragging with it any other chemicals normally stored in bladder ie urine.
    In the comments everybody seems to be getting carried away with their scientific knowledge (ego`s) and missing that logic.
    The ultrasounderw would of been wise to try to trace the source of the liquid.

  • John Morris

    I am sure they are many things about female sexuality that we do not know about and have yet to discover. For decades doctors argued that the female G Spot did not exist and yet a little less than 15 years ago it’s existence was finally confirmed. A scientist went looking for it on the body of a 87 year old woman that had donated her body to medical science. He located the nerve cluster of the evasive G Spot and history was made. But then no one had been looking for it. Not really.

    This female ejaculation is another matter. Hundreds of women claiming that during their orgasms a clear liquid shoots out of their urethral opening.

    One big problem with this….

    The discovery of new nerve clusters and erogenous zones in the female body is surely possible but basic female Anatomy of the urinary tract we know and there’s no argument here. For the male urinary tract The bladder to the urethral opening at the end of the penis has plenty of “stops” along the way: Copper’s gland, Prostate gland, etc, etc. But the female urinary tract is a different story – It is an express trip from the bladder to the to the urethral opening, just a half an inch above the vagina. There are no glands or anything else along the way. THAT IS BASIC HUMAN FEMALE BIOLOGY. Nothing can come out of that urethra opening but urine and that’s all they found but urine…end of discussion. Do some women pee when they have an orgasm? I guess so.

  • Michelle Aldis

    Laughing at all the dudes who think Discover is a legit, peer reviewed body of evidence and not skewed, sensationalist journalism.

    FYI women don’t pee out their butts, either. Sorry to shock you. Also sorry you never smelled or tasted a woman’s juices.

    • michael s

      I’m laughing at all the triggered insecure women here whose worlds are collapsing because they have found out their squirt comes from their bladders. It’s the patriarchy’s fault i tell ya!

      • Michelle Aldis

        How do you get triggered insecure feminist from a woman knowing more about her body than a sensationalist pop science rag? I didn’t realize knowing things was so political.

  • Itsjoeyo

    Im not sure about this cause my girlfriend does it and its not yellow has zero smell. Which urin guys has color due to vitamins. And she pees right after and i cant even hold that much urin so i dont think i trust this article.

  • Lucien Bouchard

    It comes from the surprise there as there is no other organs or glands capable of storing that much fluid in the area. Skene glands are the size of peas. So what if its piss or not…why should a woman be ashamed if that is what it is and its natural. Make her happy. Accept its her peeing on your face and it makes her happy and just deal.

  • Richard Lewis Evans

    It’s pee. Get over it.

  • Kristopher Brown

    It just feels better for a woman to let go and push all liquid out therefore creating a orgasmic strain witch leads to… Im sorry PiSSiNG!


    I am a squirter and i disagree with this study.. How do u explain the fact that i still have to pee after sex.. My squirting is never ending. I counted .. I squirted 23 times in one sex session.. And i could have kept going. I agree that it might have some of the same fluid bc it comes from the urethra. But its not the same thing. Keep studying it.

    • Veronica Monet

      Right on Sandra! We women must hold researchers accountable. This study’s sample size was seven and their results conflict with their conclusions. They found PSA in the ejaculate. The did NOT find PSA in the pee. Yet they conclude by asserting that the two fluids are the same. Their conclusion is contrary to their own stated results. Add to that the fact that seven subjects is NOT statistically significant and their “research” is worth this: ZERO


        Yass!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.! 💦💦


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