Drinking alcohol actually makes your face more attractive.

By Seriously Science | March 10, 2015 11:36 am
Photo: flickr/azrainman

Photo: flickr/azrainman

As we’ve previously reported, beer goggles are a real phenomenon. Well, according to this study, drinking doesn’t just make other people more attractive–it also makes you more attractive. Here, researchers asked (sober) participants to look at photos of people who had been drinking and rank their attractiveness. Turns out that drinking a moderate amount (equivalent to two small glasses of wine) made people more attractive, whereas doubling that amount made them less attractive. The authors hypothesize that the increase in attractiveness after drinking could be related to “an increase in red colouration, which in turn is known to be perceived as healthy and attractive.”  Hot! (perhaps literally?)

Increased Facial Attractiveness Following Moderate, but not High, Alcohol Consumption

Aims Alcohol consumption is known to be associated with risky sexual behaviours, but this relationship may be complex and bidirectional. We explored whether alcohol consumption leads to the consumer being rated as more attractive than sober individuals.
Methods Heterosexual social alcohol consumers completed an attractiveness-rating task, in which they were presented with pairs of photographs depicting the same individual, photographed while sober and after having consumed alcohol (either 0.4 or 0.8 g/kg), and required to decide which image was more attractive.
Results Photographs of individuals who had consumed a low dose of alcohol (equivalent to 250 ml of wine at 14% alcohol by volume for a 70 kg individual) were rated as more attractive than photographs of sober individuals. This was not observed for photographs of individuals who had consumed a low [sic] dose of alcohol.
Conclusion In addition to perceiving others as more attractive, a mildly intoxicated alcohol consumer may also be perceived as more attractive by others. This in turn may play a role in the relationship between alcohol consumption and risky sexual behaviour.”

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  • polistra24

    The redness idea seems unlikely unless it was specifically checked by using Photoshop while controlling other variables.

    I’d bet the real difference is relaxation and lack of self-consciousness. The same reason photographers like smoking, or people deeply involved in some physical task. When you’re focused on the cigarette or pipe or spatula or chisel, you’re not trying to make your face conform to some expected standard.

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    We need to raise taxes on the rich now I think.

  • Robert

    it depends entirely on what you do with the vodka after the foot soaking

  • montana83

    I needed another excuse to drink. Thank you.
    Muslims and Mormons – don’t know what you are missing.

    • Cesar Turcios

      Muslims and mormons aren’t missing something worthy. If one needs a drug to be relaxed, then that person lacks self-confidence and self-control.

      • Hugh Jazzole’

        Moslems are terrorists &endorse & support murder

  • Joe Kennedy

    It is a choice…good looking face and dead brain cells destroyed…also the fact that every six that takes a first drinks produces one acholoic!

    • stderr

      > I used a revolver and a blank to
      > play “Russian Roulette”
      Jon-Erik Hexum.

    • Hugh Jazzole’


  • Cesar Turcios

    “Turns out that drinking a moderate amount (equivalent to two small glasses of wine) made people more attractive, whereas doubling that amount made them less attractive.” Why isn’t the “doubling that amount” mentioned in the “Results”?

  • Cesar Turcios

    “This was not observed for photographs of individuals who had consumed a low [sic] dose of alcohol.” What? What is “sic”? This statement contradicts the whole study.


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