Study finds that obese women have more sex.

By Seriously Science | October 24, 2016 6:00 am
Image: Flickr/Tammy McGary

Image: Flickr/Tammy McGary

How much sex a person has is the result of many factors… but are there any that seem more important? To find out, these researchers collected data from 254 women in their thirties, asking them about their personal and physical lives. It turns out that over 40% of the women sampled had sex at least twice a week, and that obese women were more likely to have sex at least three times a week. I guess they really don’t call it the “dirty thirties” for nothing!

Factors Related to Coital Frequency of Women in Their Thirties.

“This cross-sectional study aimed to identify factors related to coital frequency (CF) among 254 women in their 30s using a semistructured interview to collect sociodemographic, anthropometric, reproductive, clinical, and relationship data. CF was characterized as (a) never, (b) rarely (≤1 times/month), (c) occasionally (≤1 times /week), (d) regularly (2-3 times/week), or (e) frequently (>3 times/week). The mean age was 34.38 ± 0.43 years, mean body mass index (BMI) was 27.86 ± 6.52 kg, mean family income was US$1,044.18 ± 796.19, mean number of children was 1.71 ± 0.89, and mean relationship duration was 8.87 ± 5.11 years. Eighty-seven women (35.2%) were taking hormonal contraceptives, 143 (98.0%) were employed, 239 (96.48%) had a secondary or higher education, and 9 (3.62%) had primary schooling. CF was classified as >3 times/week in 22 (8.66%), 2-3 times/week for 98 (38.58%), ≤1 times/week in 40 (15.75%), ≤1 times/month in 14 (5.51%), and never in 5 (1.97%). Women who reported having coitus >3 times/week a week had significantly higher body mass index (BMI; 32.72 ± 7.42 kg/m(2)) than those who had coitus 2-3 times/week (28.45 ± 6.76 kg/m(2)) and ≤1 times /week (26.81 ± 5.39 kg/m(2)) (p < 0.01 for both comparisons). Thus, coital frequency varies in women in their 30s. Obese women had a higher CF than normal-weight and overweight women.”

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  • postercat

    How is this science? Specifically about the article and not the original study: First there’s the body shaming and sexism involved in somehow finding it notable that women who aren’t bone skinny are having sex. Uh, yeah, people are more complex than stereotypes, not everyone comforms to the boring Hollywood norms in terms of what they look like and who they find attractive. Second, there’s the grossly overstated headline is presented from a sample of only 254 women, presumably in a single country. What the hell.

    • OWilson

      Relax, smile!

      The name of this blog is “Seriously Science?”

    • Fred_O

      I bet you get triggered when you realize your poop stinks.

  • Uncle Al

    Ya gotta bait the hook with something. Bouncy bouncy – no bones about it.

    • Miles Ex Chainsmoker Jules

      There’s no quick fix solution to your weight problems,you need to change the whole lifestyle. And it’s nothing scary, I’ve lost 30 lbs by just cutting out some food that the Loaded Gun Diet recommends.

  • OWilson

    But, who are they having sex with?

  • The Wall

    Chubby chaser is a trendy kink. That doesn’t mean fatties are actually valued.


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