Nipple, penis, or nostril — what’s the most painful place to be stung by a bee? (The answer might surprise you.)

By Seriously Science | August 24, 2018 6:00 am
Photo: flickr/forevertrusting

Photo: flickr/forevertrusting

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In the 1980s, a man named Justin Schmidt invented the Schmidt pain index, which measured the painfulness of stings from 78 species of insects on a scale of 0 to 4 (the only stings that rated 4 were the bullet ant and the tarantula hawk). Of course, pain is subjective, so Schmidt rated all of the stings himself. In that tradition, the author of this study hypothesized that the pain level of a sting also depends on its location on the body. He tested this hypothesis by — you guessed it — getting stung. A lot. Turns out that the most painful location for being stung by a bee is on the nostril, followed by the lip and the penis. Yup, the penis.

Honey bee sting pain index by body location

“The Schmidt Sting Pain Index rates the painfulness of 78 Hymenoptera species, using the honey bee as a reference point. However, the question of how sting painfulness varies depending on body location remains unanswered. This study rated the painfulness of honey bee stings over 25 body locations in one subject (the author). Pain was rated on a 1–10 scale, relative to an internal standard, the forearm. In the single subject, pain ratings were consistent over three repetitions. Sting location was a significant predictor of the pain rating in a linear model (p < 0.0001, DF = 25, 94, F = 27.4). The three least painful locations were the skull, middle toe tip, and upper arm (all scoring a 2.3). The three most painful locations were the nostril, upper lip, and penis shaft (9.0, 8.7, and 7.3, respectively). This study provides an index of how the painfulness of a honey bee sting varies depending on body location.”

Figure 1: Sting Locations. Drawing of the human form with Xs and labels at the sting locations.

Figure 1: Sting Locations.
Drawing of the human form with Xs and labels at the sting locations.

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  • ties

    Honey bee stings don’t hurt… If I see a swarm of bees I capture them in shorts with no shirt or shoes, I all most never wear shirt or shoes in the summer. Last time I was sting about 35 times,,, And I love adding to my bee hives

  • Bonnie Robinson

    One day while collecting chicken eggs, I disturbed a wasp nest (I didn’t know it was there) and one of them flew up inside my nostril and stung me. Excruciatingly painful!



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