Leisure Time for Plants

By Rebecca Horne | March 22, 2010 2:59 pm

Everyone knows plants are special. They eat meat, respond to music, and of course perform the impressive feat called photosynthesis. And now, thanks to artist and smarty-pants Jonathon Keats they have entertainment. Keats has produced a documentary show just for plants. After making porn for plants featuring hardcore pollination, he has turned to more general themes. The above image is a sample of skies filmed in the United States and Europe, recently projected for a selected botanical audience at the AC Institute in NYC.

Image courtesy Jonathon Keats

  • http://violincellist.wordpress.com Tay

    I never really studied plants, but I love to grow my garden and take care of my orchids. I have noticed they are doing much better lately. I wonder if it is because I play the cello every morning and they are in the same room where I play. I’m going to have to read the “respond to music” link.


  • http://www.koornk.com/user/george64estrada/ DevinWeiss

    Science is such a complicated subject, and also at times, a field with lots of ego at stake. Which is easy to understand. There have even been bouts of “outsiderness” inside the scientific community (molecular biology vs. ecology, or mathematics vs. physics), and examples of dogma rising above scientific acumen are too numerous (even once is too much as within the “Clovis first” mandate). Skepticism has long served science well, but it really might be time for any new paradigm — a subtle, yet powerful shift in approach and thinking. Could “selfless restraint” fill that duty? It has all the right elements minus the excess baggage that all too frequently goes with skepticism. One glance at the “skeptics” forums and websites, and it is possible to see the level of illogics that from time to time find their way into scientific thinking.


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