In Search of the World’s Oldest Trees

By Rebecca Horne | May 7, 2012 9:33 pm

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  • Chris

    So how old are the trees that don’t have ages listed?

  • Lauri

    The bristlecone pines are well worth the trip to see. Stunning for photographs and humbling in age.

    • Coherence Bar

      It is true, they are spectacular..

  • D Hannon

    how old the trees in actual time rather that the purported reference time ” fifteen centuries before the birth of Christ.” Discover the facts, avoid the myths. I prefer 63 centuries after the birth of Zeus.

    • Coherence Bar

      Hi D. Hannon, The captions were supplied by Beth Moon, and I think they reflect her broad range of interests in the trees– ranging from the cultural to the scientific..

  • Hemanta Naik

    Western Ghats in India still have few very old trees in the evergreen forest, but they are also evolving.


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